Editing: 'Liberty pt. 2"

Liberty - destroyed

When I came around, I was greeted by pain, my whole body hurts like hell. I wanted to turn around, but I realized that I was tied up completely. I was surrounded by darkness and couldn’t see a thing. Slowly, the memory of what had happened came back to me. I had been betrayed by the one person I considered something like a friend to me!

“Hey!” My voice sounded very raspy and hoarse. “Is anyone here? Hello? Help! Please help me!” I shouted as loud as my hurting vocal cords allowed. But there was no reaction. I listen hard, tried to figure out where I was. There were faint noises, but I couldn’t place them.

Suddenly, without any warning, a door was opened. Bright light seeped through the doorway and someone entered the room.

“So, you’re awake now. Finally!”

I recognized that voice. It was Phil, the guy I had met a couple of weeks ago in this store full of mannequins… and whores.

A switch was flipped, and the room was flooded with very bright, very cold light. I was blinded at first and couldn’t see much of my surroundings. While my eyes still struggled to adapt, I heard another voice.

“Hey kid!”

It was Greg. I tried to turn my head to see him, the man who had ruthlessly betrayed my trust.

“Uh… honestly, you really stink badly, kid,” Greg said wrinkling his nose.

“You bastard! I trusted you! I thought you’re my friend! I hate you!” I shouted at him.

“Greg is right, young man, you’re really in need of a shower. Please hold still,” Phil said.

My eyes had adjusted to the light and I realized that I was in a large, octagonal room, which was not only filled with all kinds of strange objects and installations, it was also equipped with large mirrors on each side.

He picked up something from a nearby desk and walked towards me. I struggled against my restraints, certainly not willing to make it any easier for Phil, whatever he had in mind.

“Give me hand, would you? Lift his head and make sure he doesn’t move,” he asked Greg.

Greg approached me, too. I tried to spit at him, but my mouth was just too dry. He smiled mischievously and painfully grabbed my head with both his hand to lift it up. He was much stronger than I had imagined, I struggled as hard as I could, but I was no match for him. My eyes tried to follow Phil as he closed in, holding some small device in his hand. Whatever it was, he attached it to my neck and I could feel some cold piece of metal on my skin.

A second later the strangest feeling washed over my body, like I was electrocuted. I gasped, wanted to scream, but I just couldn’t.

“You can release him now, Greg. And you can remove his restraints as well,” said Phil.

As he let go of me, my head simply sank back down. Every muscle in my body just relaxed and my breath slowed down.

‘No… stop that!’ I tried to scream, but there was no sound whatsoever.

I couldn’t even open my mouth or move my tongue. I was completely paralyzed! Even my eyeballs were unmoving, I stared up into the ceiling, unable to control a single muscle in my body. But I was not numb. I could still feel how my restraints were removed.

“What’s happening now?” I heard Greg’s voice.

“Now he’s going to take a shower,” Phil answered. His accentuation changed a bit as he said
“Unit: Perform extensive body hygiene!”

Before I even realized who he was addressing, I felt my body move. I got up in a smooth, elegant motion. Without any kind of hesitation, I started to undress myself. I stripped off my shirt by pulling with both my hands, I untied and took off my shoes, removed my socks and pushed down my underpants – including the usual kick, I was always using to throw my underpants with my right foot up into my hand. I collected my clothes, which weren’t much more than rags, and carried them over to some bin and dumped them in there.

My mind screamed in embarrassment and humiliation as my body did this all by itself, unable to understand why I couldn’t control myself. That I was doing this while being completely naked, didn’t help either. But just like before, I couldn’t make any sound at all.

It was the strangest thing, because it seemed as if my body had a mind of its own. However, it moved and acted just the way I usually did, with all my mannerisms and gestures. At one point, my hand even brazenly scratched an itch in my bushy pubic hair, completely unfazed by the fact that there were two men watching me.

The fact, that all those mirrors, which were installed in this room, forced me to see my own filthy, naked body from all kinds of different angles, didn’t help at all.

“So that’s how you’re controlling your stock? Is this device going to stay there?” Greg asked.

“No, this is just temporary, for the transition. It just makes things so much easier. Later, a similar but much more sophisticated device will be permanently attached to his brain stem,” answered Phil matter-of-factly.

While they were talking, I walked – still controlled like a puppet on strings – into a small wet cell, which was integrated into a corner of the room. My body seemed to know exactly how to operate the faucet and the soap dispenser, like I had done it many times before. I cleaned myself in a very thorough and diligent way, very much unlike my usual, more cursory way of taking care of my body hygiene.

The two men in the room watched intensely as my body was doing all this scrubbing and cleaning. The mirrors made sure that no detail got lost to their eyes. Like when one of my soapy fingers stuck itself right into my asshole to clean it very thoroughly inside and out… something I had never done before.

While still in panic and shock, I slowly started to accept the fact that I wasn’t in control of myself anymore. I had no other choice, anyway. The fact that my body made me an inadvertent exhibitionist, had a strange effect on me, though, I started to feel slightly aroused by this exceptional situation.

Meanwhile, my body dried itself using a power air blower device, again very thoroughly, making sure that no part of myself stayed moist. I lifted one leg and then the other, turned around, lifted everything (and I mean everything) to make sure that my body was sufficiently dried off.

Finally, my body walked casually back to the middle of the room, turned towards the two men, and just froze there. My legs slightly apart, I stood there on display, staring straight into nothingness. I couldn’t move a muscle, not even my eyeballs. Still, all the mirrors around the room allowed me to see myself as well as Phil and Greg.

There I was. Not too tall, maybe 178cm (5’10’’), with my rather pale and uneven skin. Some sketchy patches of hair in my face proved that some time had passed since my capture. My full, dark blond hair was a bit longer than usual and totally unkempt. Besides some sparse, fluffy hair on my arms and legs, my skinny body was mostly hairless. But there was a thin trail of hair pointing the way from my bellybutton to a scruffy and thick ball of pubic hair. My flaccid dick looked a bit lost in all that hair. It wasn’t all that impressive, to be honest, but the obvious way the two men sized me up unabashedly started to have an effect, as it slowly started to rise a bit.

“Oh well, there’s a lot work ahead of you, Phil, but I’m sure you’ll manage. The material is certainly promising,” said Greg. “I can’t wait to see how he’s looking once you’re done with him.” After a moment he added as if talking to himself, “I almost envy him… to be forever young!”

“Not forever,” Phil corrected his friend, “his body will age normally. But you won’t be able to see it, because his artificial skin will stay smooth and will always look young. After all, the technology I’m using was originally created by the beauty industry. I just improved it and added some gimmicks here and there…”

“Whatever. I’d love to have that treatment for myself,” Greg insisted.

“No, you don’t. Believe me,” Phil said while shaking his head. “But back to your young guest. So how should he look like… let me see…”

“How much can you change him?” Greg inquired.

“Well, skin colour, hair, within certain limits also the musculature. But not the basic properties of his body, like his size, stature, face shape. Look, here’s a panel which shows you all the options,” Phil explained.

“Wow. Um… would you mind if I…?” Greg asked sheepishly.

“As long as it’s not too extreme, yeah. Remember, I have to be able to make money with him. And it’ll cost you more, too!”

“Never mind that,” Greg answered enthusiastically and started to fiddle with the controls on the panel. “Let’s see… ‘skin colour’… yeah, like this… that’s how I like them… ‘skin properties,’ what options do we have here? Ah, I see… very intriguing. Wow… that’ll be so hot…”

Phil snickered. This situation was so embarrassing and really disheartening for me. To hear them discussing my future look, configuring me like I was some kind of toy puppet you’d order online. ‘But I’m a human being,’ I tried to yell as loud as possible… but my mouth remained shut and silent.

“Now about his hair,” Greg continued, “unusual, with some contrast. Yummy. Can his hair style be changed later?”

“No, not easily. The hair is artificial, it won’t grow, after all,” Phil answered.

“Never mind. This looks perfect. And let’s get rid of this ridiculous excuse for a beard… And the hair down there, too? Nah, he’ll look like a baby this way. Maybe a little like this… that’s it. Very sexy.”

In my mind I sobbed franticly. I just felt so helpless and so objectified. But with the exception of my dick, which slowly continued to get harder, my body still showed no reaction whatsoever.

“There are more options over there,” Phil pointed out to his friend. “See here? ‘Penis’, ‘Buttocks’, ‘Scent’ and ‘Sex drive’!”

“Nice! So you can alter his brain as well?” Greg sounded surprised,

“More or less, mostly biochemistry, and some other tricks,” Phil answered aloofly.

“‘Sex drive’? That should be maxed out, of course.” Greg chuckled gleefully. “Ok, what else? ‘Penis’… yeah… like this… very nice and ‘Buttocks’… I don’t like them too extreme,” Greg commented his decision, “just nicely formed and firm… So, the final option is ‘Scent’. Ok, I guess that’s it then. Would you go with these settings?”

“They’re kinda special, I’ve got to admit. He’ll certainly stand out. But that’s actually a good thing. I guess we can make him like this. But, as I said, it will cost you,” and then he named a completely insane amount of money.

“Ok, no problem, after our last raid I can easily afford this. But I want to get a permanent, well, usufruct for him, too!” Greg demanded with a childish giggle.

“Deal,” Phil agreed. “I would have offered this anyway.”

“You would have? Damn. So much for my haggling… Now, go ahead, do it. What are you waiting for?” Greg said with unconcealed excitement.

“All right, I can’t wait to see the result myself,” Phil said with similar enthusiasm. Then he addressed me, or rather my body: “Unit: Get ready for transformation!”

As if I were just a marionette, I started to walk towards some kind capsule which were mounted horizontally on the floor. My body knew exactly how to open its lid. It was equipped with several strange installations, like this strange cylindric object at its bottom which reminded me of this dildo I had seen once.

As if I had done it many times before, I entered the tube and sat down inside, my ass hovering exactly above the cylindric object. My suspicions proved to be true, as my body lowered itself onto it. It was a very strange sensation, as my virgin ass was stretched and filled up. There was less pain than I expected, maybe because the control chip in my neck caused my asshole to relax totally.

As I lay down inside the capsule, the flexible dildo was pushed even deeper into me. Suddenly I felt a string vibration and regular pulses deep inside of me. The feeling was immensely pleasurable, but I had to bear it still and silently, unable to moan or squirm at all.

Phil attached a small device on my nose. Tubes invaded my nostrils and disappeared inside of my body. My mouth opened all by itself, and allowed Phil to gag me with a huge rubber ball which also had a tube sticking out. I could feel how the tube touched my uvula, but there was no gag reflex at all.

The sensation that emanated from the dildo inside my ass was so overwhelming that I didn’t even worry any longer. I knew that I should really be in panic now, but I just couldn’t fight the pleasure.

“Look, his dick is leaking like a fountain!” I heard Greg, “he must really feel good!”

“He does. There’s no point in making this uncomfortable, and believe me, it would be, if I didn’t pump all these bio chemicals into his body. They’re such a powerful tool and the mind just doesn’t have any defence against them”, Phil explained.

I didn’t fully get what he was saying, euphoria and excitement was numbing my mind. I realized that I was manipulated, but just couldn’t fight biology.

Phil attached something to my exposed and wet glans. Once again, a tube invaded my body, this time through my urethra. It occurred to me, that my body was totally sealed now. A new sensation started to emanate from my cock, it was so intense that it just consumed everything. I lost myself completely to it, felt nothing else, saw nothing else, heard nothing else, I just gave up myself to this immense overload of pleasure and euphoria.

There was no way to know how long I was flowing in this incredible state. I didn’t want this to stop, and I was incredibly disappointed as the stimulation in my cock and my ass subsided slowly. All the euphoria was replaced with fear and apprehension.

The tubes had already been removed from my body. But something was wrong with my body, I felt… different somehow. Maybe an after effect of the drugs that had been pumped into my body?

“Unit: Standard pose!”

I immediately sat up, again without any participation of my own will, and dismounted myself from the dildo, which left my hole with a loud smack. I climbed out of the capsule and only seconds later, I was back standing in the middle of the room, my legs slightly ajar, posing with tensed muscles. My hands were folded behind the back of my head. The mirrors all around the room were revealing every detail of my body.

But was this really my body? My looks had changed completely. And… damn, I looked sexy, downright hot, really.

My skin was much darker now, more like chocolate. And it was also very shiny, like it was covered by a thick layer of oil. The colour of my hair was a nice yellowish blond, which gave a nice contrast to my new skin colour. The cut was shaggy and gave me a somewhat cocky look. But the most stunning feature of my face were the eyes. I used to have dark, brownish eyes, yet now they were shimmering in an amazingly deep blue. Their unmoving and unblinking stare, though, was very disconcerting and made them look strangely artificial.

The rest of my face hadn’t changed. My nose was still lean and pointy, my cheeks and chin were just the way I remembered them. The petty beard was gone, and my skin looked so smooth as if I had never grown any facial hair at all.

My body, while not being overly muscular, was now much more defined than it used to be, and the abs and pecs were wonderfully highlighted by my new dark, oily skin. Two strikingly purple little nipples were standing out of their dark areola. I had kept the thin trail of hair below my belly button, but it was equally blond now and merged into a cute patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair.

My cock was not much different than I remembered it. It stood hard and proud, maybe 6 and a half inches long (16.5 cm). Its skin was slightly darker than the rest of my body. Its glans poked cockily out of the stretched foreskin. A long thread of precum was slowly dripping down from its tip.

The mirrors allowed me to admire my own new backside as well. My buttocks were just as juicy as the rest of my body, the shiny, oily skin emphasizing their slightly bubbly, but still firm and muscular shape.

“Marvellous. Just marvellous,” said Greg. I noticed that he wore different clothes now. Obviously, my transformation had taken quite some time.

“Just as ordered. I’m glad that you approve,” answered Phil.

“Can I have him now? I can’t wait to have my way with him!” Greg’s voice was vibrating with horniness.

“It still needs to be conditioned,” Phil answered. Amused by Greg’s disappointment, he hesitated a second, then he added “but maybe you’d like to assist with that? There would be a way, and I’m sure you’re going to love it!”

Greg nodded excitedly.

“Ok then!”

Phil approached me with a very cheerful smile. He reached behind my head and removed the small piece of metal, which was still attached to my neck. Instantaneously, the strange electric hum, that had been part of my conscious since he had placed it there, vanished. I took a deep breath as the control of my body was returned to myself. This was my chance! As fast as I could, I darted in the direction of the room’s exit when…

“Unit 47: Activate implant, enter passive mode and initiate mind reprogramming!”

I stopped right in the middle of my movement. My feet just moved slightly to make sure I was standing in balance, then I froze completely. Damn… so much for my escape. They wanted to reprogram me? I wondered, if that’s even possible. But I had just experienced how Phil was controlling my body, so everything could be possible. That just couldn’t happen, I didn’t want to be reprogrammed! I had to fight for my freedom, for my personality!

I desperately tried to find something… anything that I could focus my mind on, something that could help me to keep my identity. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see too much current perspective, frozen as I was. And there was no time! I could see a table, some strange apparatus, and… part of Greg’s body. For some reason, he still wore one of the crewman suits we usually used on board the Liberty. There, the one thing that meant anything to me: The ship’s badge which was printed on Greg’s suit. It featured a symbol looking like an antique lit torch. The word ‘LIBERTY’, the name of the spaceship we had worked on together, was written in big letters across the badge.

“Unit 47: Start reprogramming!” Phil commanded, then he added, “It’s all yours, Greg. I have other things to do. Have fun with it!”

‘LIBERTY’… ‘LIBERTY’… ‘L I B E R T Y’… I focused on this single word and the ship’s logo with every thought I had.

“Oh, and you might want to take one of these,” Phil added and handed Greg a pill, who swallowed it without a second thought. Phil left the room and I was alone with Greg.

I could only stare at the door, my eyeballs didn’t move and my eyelids didn’t blink. ‘LIBERTY’… ‘LIBERTY’!

Greg slowly circled around me, inspecting me from all directions. “Marvellous,” he said. Then he touched my body. “Funny, feels like rubber. Very oily rubber,” he mumbled.

The sensitivity of my new skin was astounding. Wherever he touched me, my nerves lit up like fire. Still, I couldn’t show any reaction. Not even gasp or shiver. I just silently endured his inspection, trying to ignore the pleasure his touches triggered. ‘LIBERTY’… ‘LIBERTY’….

He grabbed my dick. I was almost overwhelmed by the intensity of this sensation and I was so close to giving in to the intense pleasure I felt, as he started to rub it gently. “What are you feeling now, kid? Do you like this? Are you even aware? You must be, you’re dripping like mad after all,” he whispered into my ear. ‘Must focus… LIBERTY’ I thought desperately. But my concentration already started to diminish.

“I always dreamed about having you like this. So completely under my control. You have no idea how much I wanted this,” Greg continued to wank my slippery dick, sending hot and intense pulses through my body. Then he sniffed and licked at his own hand. “Oh my god, even your smell… is fucking hot!” He kneeled and started to lick my dripping cock. He obviously cherished the taste and his tongue started to wander down the shaft, then around my balls, along the perineum closing in on my asshole. Eventually, I felt his tongue as he tried to push it into my hole, but he couldn’t quite reach it the way I was standing.

Greg straightened up and looked at me. Then he started to move my right arm. He chuckled. “Your limbs can be moved around like with a real mannequin,” he said, as he straightened both my arms. Then he held my loins with one hand while he pushed my torso forward with the other, bending me down this way. Completely stiff like a plastic statue, I started to topple over as soon as he let go of me. Just in time, he supported me and balanced my standing. He corrected his mistake by adjusting my posture. He pushed here, pulled there and in the end, I was standing balanced and stable, with my legs apart, the knees slightly bent, and my torso bowed forward. My ass stuck out backwards, perfectly positioned to allow Greg easy access.

Satisfied with his work, Greg kneeled and continued to eat out my moist, rubberlike ass. The feeling was amazing. His wet tongue entered my hole and started to slobber around. I realized that I wasn’t much more than a sex puppet, but the sensations were starting to overwhelm my mind… ‘LIBER… ungh….’ I couldn’t help it, I needed to moan – if only in my thoughts, since mannequins couldn’t moan. In fact, the intense shame and humiliation I had to bear for being reduced to a simple object, nothing else than a sex toy, was actually boosting my arousal. I cringed in my mind, embarrassed and degraded – but my dick just oozed even more precum and betrayed my horniness.

So, this was my future? Being stiff and unmoving like a statue while people were taking advantage of my sexy rubber body? For some reason, this aspect was just as frightening as it was unbelievably hot at the same time.

After a while he replaced his tongue with a finger. He fucked me with it enthusiastically, he added another one, then eventually four fingers were pushed deeply inside my soggy hole. I could feel how it gave in, how my ass adapted effortlessly to the stretching, but without ever losing its elasticity. Did he plan to plunge his whole fist into my ass? A part of me yearned for this experience. But instead, he retracted his fingers. My asshole contracted right away, it returned to be just as tight as before, as if nothing had ever penetrated it.

Only seconds later, his I felt his dick pressing against my hole. An exciting tingling filled my mind. It’s happening now! I was going to be fucked! He was going to use me!

The dick’s head pushed forward, and my ass gave in right away, it opened up, and my greedy and slick hole engulfed this marvellous cock as it slowly slipped deeper into of me, inch by inch. Greg’s moans, “so tight… how can he be so… fucking… tight… this is… just amazing…” even heightened my arousal, I was really proud to be such a good toy!

Eventually he was in all the way. He relentlessly grabbed my hips with both his hands and started to pound me. His dick slipped out, almost all the way, and then he pushed it back in, hard. He hit my prostate which sent hot sparks into my mind. Again and again, faster and faster. A firework in my head eradicated any conscience thought as Greg, quite literally, continued to fuck my brains out.

I tried so hard to focus on the ship’s badge, the word ‘LIBERTY’ and the torch symbol, but I didn’t stand a chance. Each time his pounding dick hits my prostrate, another bit of my personality was chipped away. All my life, like marrying and starting a family were slowly replaced by a pure lust for men, my ambitions for success and a career were replaced by the simple need to please men and to be used by them. Both the implant, that had been installed in my brain stem, as well as Greg’s fucking worked together to slowly turn me into a mindless, slutty sex puppet.

Fortunately, Greg couldn’t restrain himself for long, after just a few minutes, he pushed his dick deeply into me and shot his loads into my guts. He groaned loudly like a wild animal. In my mind, I cheered with pure content and happiness, because I had done it, I had made him cum! I had fulfilled my purpose.

But, no, this wasn’t right. I was no sex toy, I was a living man. I was a person. I had to fight this. ‘LI – BER – TY!’. Slowly I managed to drive the images of naked men and their dicks out of my mind. Desperately, I tried to remember what other things I used to strive for, but I couldn’t come up with anything… no matter, I had to stay focused, LI-BER-TY!

With a content sigh, Greg pulled his dick out of my ass, which made a resounding ‘plop!’. My hole closed tightly right away and his cum was squeezed out of it. I could feel his jizm running down my ass cheek.

But the pill Greg had taken before did its work. He was still hard, and he was still horny as hell. He wanted more, and me, this dark, oily skinned sex puppet, still had another, yet unfucked hole to be filled up. He swivelled me around and pressed his wet dick, covered with his cum and my own ass fluids, against my slightly opened mouth.

Without any intervention of my own mind, my mouth opened up to Greg’s throbbing cock. He grabbed my ears and pushed his hard stick right into my face. My pearly white and shiny rows of teeth turned out to be just flexible bars of rubber, and they simply embraced and massaged the shaft as it slipped into my mouth. “So… fucking… hot,” Greg moaned again as more and more of his schlong vanished. Eventually, it hit my uvula, but instead of causing a gagging reflex, it initiated a flash of pleasure, that hit my brain really hard, just like before, when he was pounding my prostrate.

‘Not again,’ I thought, ‘I can’t take any more of this… LIBERTY… LIBER…ahhhghh!’ He had pushed his dick into my throat again, hitting and tickling my uvula once more. Greg started to fuck my face with even greater vigour as before, pulling merciless at my ears and pushing his dick as far into my face as he could. It was just incredibly hot. My mind was filled with pleasure, which was increased with each fuck. All I could smell was his reeking, sweaty and musky pubic hair. His thick cock invaded my gullet so thoroughly that I could feel my Adam’s apple being pushed out.

He lasted much longer this time, and with each passing minute my resistance crumbled more. I loved it, I really wanted to be used, really wanted to please. My arousal rose into almost unbearable levels. Some tension started to grow inside my body and inside my brain. It was like a huge wave of pleasure which grew higher and higher. It demanded release, pounding at the feeble remainder of my self-awareness and resistance. If I would give in to it, I would be lost forever!

Eventually. I broke down. The wave of pleasure washed my mind away. I felt my own dick jerk like mad as it shot out my cum in a staggering orgasm. And with my cum, I shot out my self-awareness, each spasm shaking both my stiff body and my mind. Eventually I had forgotten everything, my youth, my parents, my whole life, even my name. I stopped being human, didn’t even remember that I ever had been a human being.

I was a sex toy, the perfect rubber puppet. I existed solely to be used for pleasure.

Hot! I went through a pass of it but it seemed pretty solid. Although “usufruct” took googling, and might be better if you just wrote out the meaning as it’s a weird looking word that I’m sure most people don’t know.


I had never heard the word “usufruct” before either. I found it as the translation of the German “Nießbrauch”, which is equally unusual in this context, (it’s usually used when talking about a house, not a person), but that’s what I liked about it, to stress that Conny has been reduced to a thing that can be used.

I had hoped that most people would understand it, though. I’ll try to change it somehow.

Maybe just put a star next to it and a definition at the bottom?

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