Editing your Story and Revisions

Editing your story

If you’re using a user account, you can find all your stories using the “User->Your Stories” menu item. Once you open one of your own stories, you’ll get the “Author’s & Reviewer’s Panel” that allows you to edit your story.

Anonymous authors need to save the email they get sent when submitting their story. In this email, there’s a link with which you can edit your story.

Changes to your story are not visible to the other users right away. They’re first stored as reviews, no matter if you made them yourself or one of your proofreaders changed your story.


You can review each new revision made by you or the proofreader. To do that, just open your story (or use the “View Story” link from the email) and you’ll see the “Author’s & Reviewer’s Panel” with a list of all existing revisions:

By clicking the small numbered buttons (in this example “1” and “2”) you can switch between the revisions. The button “Base” refers to the initial version. The story will reflect the changes right away as you click those buttons. Changes are highlighted like this:

You can jump to the next or previous change with the small buttons in the bottom right corner:


You can use the keyboard as well:

Ctrl-Up and Down to move through the changes
Ctrl-Left and Right to switch between the revisions.

Publish a revision

You can select any revision to be published. Just activate it and press “Publish”. The admins will be notified that there’s a new version of a story to be approved. After the story is approved, it’s up on the site for everyone to see.