I must say i find mind control extremely erotic and also i’m a very empathic person, so empathic that sometimes when i read a story (like that part of ‘A farming family’ that tanner was about to escape and got caught by J) i feel kind of bad, is there a way to stop this feeling cuz its very annoying and i don’t want to stop reading such amazing stories by that reason (sry if i mispelled something english is not my native language)


I think that’s pretty normal. Sometimes when I’m writing a story I think to myself, “Swizz, this is kinda fucked up…”.

What’s interesting about arousal is that it temporarily seems - to some extent - to inhibit things like empathy and morality. I’m sure most people here have, at least once, had the experience of blowing their load to something weird and then afterwards feeling a little gross about it.

You can’t ‘stop’ feelings, and it’s generally not healthy to try and repress them. If your problem is feeling bad about the character’s plight DURING a story, perhaps you just need to wait until you’re hornier before you start reading. If you are feeling incredibly guilty afterwards, well, that’s another matter.

If the issue is so severe that you start reading a story and then get so upset for a character that it totally ruins your day, then I think probably the best thing you can do is to identify the authors that you most enjoy reading, who also don’t veer off too far into depravity too much, and just stick with them.


I’m not ashamed to say a series on here (cough looking at you, Swizz, cough) gave me a lot of anxiety as well as arousal.

However, it inspired me to write stories that make you feel good at the end. Give mine a read if you’d like, even if the topics aren’t what get you off. We deal with some fucked up fantasies but it’s important to know that they are only fantasy, and it’s ok to indulge in them in a healthy consensual way.

If you’re feeling too anxious, why don’t you try writing a story yourself? Make your own happy endings where a Tanner-like character does escape from J and the ranch. :smiley:


frankly, when I’m reading it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as when I write. I’m way more empathic I suppose as I’m writing? I only have one story in the hypno field anyway as it is, but it’s WAY more tame and intimate/consensual/NICE than what I /read/ on here, because I’m just going ‘aaaaaaaaaaaa’ every time I think about writing something a lil more extreme.