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One of the elements of Fallout is how much mind control there is in the world - from both Vault-Tek and national governments. Now I will admit that it’s a bit sexy imagining all the ways this could be used in a story. From vaults where mind control experiments are carried out to settlements in the present ruled by a man backed by certain techniques.

I also have a more recent idea, one after Nuka World DLC cane out. I’m there their are three factions, two of which are perfect for our needs. The first is the Operators and they are a mafia like business focused raider group. The other, the Pack, are an animal themed barbarian like raider group. The idea i have is the main character allies himself with the Operators, researches more advanced forms of mind control, and uses it on both lower ranked Operators and all members of the Pack. My thought is he gives each Operator a now loyal and submissive Pack member (male-male, female-female). He of course takes Mason, the alpha of the Pack.

From a setting perspective this leads to war against the Disciples and the conquest and then reapir of the park. Which means it could be opened for business, with some fun twists.

Just wanted to share the idea. :slight_smile:


I don’t know what Fallout is. The disadvantage of using a pre-existing story is that you’re presupposing that readers know what you’re talking about. If someone approaches your story and has no idea what Fallout is, he’ll not understand any of the aspects of the story with which you’re familiar (and will probably stop reading after a paragraph or two).

Your talent as a writer should enable you to introduce settings, characters and situations without having to resort to existing stories.

It’s a video game series set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The idea of using Fallout to develop a story is actually pretty interesting, I see a lot of potential for it. But you’re totally right, to someone unfamiliar with the background story, it’d make zero sense.

What would work, I think, is using the general idea and creating a new story along those lines. There’s nothing inherently alien or unfathomable about the setting, it just shouldn’t include characters from Fallout or refer to specific things that only a person who had played the games would know.

When it comes to imagination sometimes playing in pre built worlds make it a lot easier for quick development. In this case it’s premade cast of characters, a situation easy to use, and a motive that slots in quite easily. Also I find fanfic to be a nice way to develop a story without the nitty gritty of creating everything from scratch.

That said, one could easily develop a porn setting where after an apocalypse a man discovers a method to control others and uses it not just for fun but to create an army to bring order to the wastes.

Fallout’s such a great series! Just remember to put a little disclaimer of some sort acknowledging that the Fallout universe isn’t your own idea, just in case there are any kinky Bethesda folk browsing these stories.

By the way, I’m currently playing another round through Fallout 4 using a VR headset. That’s just so incredibly immersive!

And there are also some nice mods as well to turn Boston (the place Fallout 4 takes place) into a gay man’s heaven :wink:

Having played Fallout 4, I’m wondering whether I am subconsciously thinking about it in my new story ‘The Eden Virus’. There are a few parallels…

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I’m going to write a story in the Fallout 4 universe. It’ll be a very personal one… and different. I’ve got an idea and I’m really exited about it :slight_smile:

I look forward to reading your Fallout story Martin.

The concept is amazing! I did a course like this “Game mapping” in college. Writing the story out with choices would be VERY complex. If someone could do it, kudos! Cause as you choose scenario, you’d need an alternate for each decision made. I hope I don’t seem confusing. This idea is extremely fascinating to me though!

This idea is awesome. As a big fan of Fallout games I salute you, lol. Did you make it come true? If so, I want to read the stuff you made. BTW, I would like if someone makes something for Overwatch too. Ok, they have a good story already, but it would be cool if someone expands it. The thing I love about Overwatch mostly that they have a whole lot of unique heroes. Not so long ago I’ve bought Overwatch rank boost just to try a new hero. Soon I will have one of the best Angels on the server.

Okay, I know I’m late to the party on this thread, but I’d totally be down for a Fallout story.

Plus… there’s a mind control weapon (the Mesmetron) in Fallout 3 so…

https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Mesmetron for more.

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@Eclipse oh yeah totally. Honestly, there is much in Fallout that has mind control, from that device (perfect example) to chemicals and bio engineering. Its kind of brilliant. And if given a slight sexual bent would be very thrilling.

I mean you could always go a Vault with all men who’s Overseer uses mind control to keep control. (They can use biotech engineering to reproduce.) In the present the modern Overseer needs some outsider samples to keep up with the reproduction and so works to gather some new members and put them under hypnotic influence.

Soooooo much fun to be had. hehe

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