Feature request: Allow dual-authored chapters to link to both authors' profiles

Longtime reader, first-time poster. I’d like to suggest an interface adjustment to allow readers to jump to either author’s profile on story chapters that were written by two authors.

As an example to illustrate currently existing site behavior, take the just-posted “I saw, I came, I conquered”. The author link at the top of the page says “Swizz and Hypnothrill” in text, but hyperlinks only to Swizzington’s profile and includes only Swizzington’s email address. If I want to also see Hypnothrill’s profile, I have to navigate to it via other means on the site.

Certainly this isn’t a terribly high priority, but this change would be a nice little minor perk to make site navigation smoother in these edge cases. Thanks for your consideration.

That’s already possible!

With series it’s happening automatically. If you have a series with multiple authors, the series view will show all individual authors on the top including their pics and the links to their profiles.

On a single story, you can ask me to assign the story to multiple accounts. After I’ve done that, additional accounts will be listed with the story, too.

I’ve just added Hypnothrill as an additional account to this story and I realize that the display is not visible to a normal reader.

I’ll take this Feature Request as a request to display additional authors properly. And maybe also to give an author the option to add additional authors himself without needing my intervention.

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Hmm, hadn’t I already assigned Hypnothrill as an author on that story? I thought I had…

You’ve entered his name as the author, but the story wasn’t technically linked to Hypnothrill’s account. He couldn’t see the ratings, for example.

I’ve changed that, so now he can see the ratings or edit the story.

Problem is: To add another user as the owner, you need his email address (because that’s the single unique identifier for an account). That’s why I didn’t open that yet for people. But I’m still consider to change that and I also want to display additional onwers pominently on the story page.

Yeah, I had clicked ‘assign to author’ and entered his email already. Although, that was before Stimle (accidentally?) unapproved the story, lol. So maybe that messed it up? Not sure.

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Yeah, as an admin you could do that. So maybe you already assigned it, I never checked, but I just assigned it again :wink:

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Lol, okay. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing a step in the process or something.