Feature Request: Don't show the name of blocked tags

I use the block tags feature to block the scat tag. The issue I have is that now at the top of the main page I always see “Blocked Tags: scat”. It would be preferable if I could block the scat tag but not have to think about scat every time I go to the main page. (Are you tired of thinking about scat yet? So am I!) I would love it if it just said “1 blocked tag”. I would love it even more if the tags were just blocked in the background without a reminder on the main page.

That would defeat the purpose of this display which is MEANT to remind the user that there are blocked tags.

But there’s an easy way around this: The name of the blocked tag is only shown if it’s a single tag. If you select a second tag, like “shit”, the display will only show the NUMBER of blocked tags without naming them.