Feature request: highest rated story in the past week/month/year etc

Is it possible to have a way to sort the story in the past week/month by ratings? Sometimes I don’t check the site for a period of time and I would like to be able to see ratings of the recent story during the time I missed. It wouljd also help me find new, highly rated stories, espectially since it takes a while for people to rate the stories and by that time, the stories tend to be pushed further down the page by then.

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That’s problematic, for various reasons.

First of all, the ratings take a while to stabilize. The ratings of all stories published in the last two weeks are usually way off. Actually, I should bring back the feature that the rating icons are not shown for stories release less than 4 weeks ago or so (or only show them to the author, maybe).

Secondly, I don’t want to create any list ordered by ratings. It’s not fair.

What I’ve implemented is the top list of stories that were published a year ago (Top Rated Stories - Gay Spiral Stories. For those, the ratings are stable enough.

Another thing is that I don’t want people to only read those stories which have high ratings. Especially if they were just released. Then it’s like a magnet, people keep only reading the same stories, all others fall through the gap. Especially if they were just released.

Which would also be resolved if I don’t display any icons for stories released in the last 8 weeks or so.


I’ve certainly noticed that having one or two ratings badges appear on my stories drastically increases the number of views they get. It’s kind of a chicken-and-egg, because if you can’t get enough views and ratings, you never hit get the flood of people who see ‘oh, this one is good’ and give you more views and ratings.

Personally, this drives me to try to write stories that will excel in the areas that the site shows badges for. I’m not sure I’d have that same incentive if the badges didn’t show in the first few weeks.

Whether that’s good or bad, that’s for smarter men than me.


I would like some way to find recommended/fresh stories or something other than by new. Maybe refresh the top stories of the past year or find stories by what similar readers/authors liked or something?

You are aware of the random selection in the “top stories” tab on the main page?

If you scroll down over the top 5 featured entries, which remain static for two weeks, the rest of the list is randomized each time you refresh the page.

Also, you have the “Random” tab which just lists random series from the whole database (while still honoring your category selection of course).

The “Top Stories of the past years” is pretty much complete. It already shows the 72 highest rated stories for each half-year period. There’s not much to refresh there.

If you know a favorite author, you can look up his profile and check out his favorite readers. And with a bit of luck, those readers again have a profile where you can find stories they liked.

Adding a “readers who liked this story also liked those stories”, like you can see on Amazon, would be great actually, but I’m not even sure if that could be implemented. But you can still add that as a feature request anyway, if you want to.

I hadn’t realised that the top stories were randomised or that we could check favourite author’s liked stories. Will try that out. Thanks Martin

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Whenever I try to catch up on the site I usually look for my favorite tags in the newest stories. Or do a search for those tags then click the date column twice to see the newest first… So what about the option to subscribe to our favorite tags or even certain clusters of tags? The page for this could go under the User menu, by where there’s already options for favorite and bookmarked stories.


that’s a sound idea, I’d ask you to put this into a separate feature request posting, though!