Feature Request - Middle sized rework of Cupid's Categories

From Cupid’s story categories I suggest the following changes

Removal of ‘Omegaverse’, with no replacement.
Having the space to add more deserving category later on, will be better then this specific, niche category that no one is using (literally; zero submissions and counting)

Consolidation of ‘Polyamorous’ and ‘Established Relationships’ to a single Category about relationships (when is a ‘polyamorous relationship’ not establishing, has establish, or, is breaking from, an established relationship? Also, there is a polyamorous tag).

The addition of a Romance category. As in, a category for romance and soft porn.

I actually don’t completley disagree with you this time! :joy:

I like the seperation between “established relationships” and “polyamorous” as categories personally, (you could easy enter into a poly relationship, for example) but I like the idea of a “Romance” category.

I think the justification is thin on the ground.
Like when would a polyamorous story not be completely at home with a “polyamorous” tag (which already exists), and posted under ‘established relationship’, or ‘new beginnings’?

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I agree. The kind of “established relationship” could be better represented by tags I think, like polyamorous, cuckoldry, plain boring couple (sorry, I had to say this :stuck_out_tongue: )