Feature Request: Safe Mode [implemented]

An ability to remove the logo and the images from the top of the website would be useful, if possible to implement.


Oh, I suggested something like this before, ages ago — meaning to say, I’d also find this useful! I don’t know how hard or easy it would be to implement, so I never pushed for it beyond that. But it’s good to know I’m not the only one who independently came to this thought.

I think of it as “Discrete Mode”. Essentially the idea was something that could maybe just ‘breaks’ the images and the big banner on the site for an individual user, or stops them from loading, maybe…?

There have been scenarios where I’d idly check the site for updates on my phone when on the bus, or out in public. Or, I’d be glancing through it on my laptop, but in a situation where my screen privacy wasn’t always assured. And since the site’s banners are both very prominent, and also prominently NSFW, I always have to go “aah!” and scroll down very fast so that my nosy bus neighbor who is trying to peer at my phone screen doesn’t get an eyeful.

Actually not that difficult to implement.

I’ll see to it when I find the time.


Implemented, see here: Site Updates Pt. 2 - #130 by Martin

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