Feature Request: Title Mark for Branching Stories? [partly Implemented]

I’ve now completed one “branch” of a branching story, and I have to say the functionality is very good! Everything very seamless as far as submitting the chapters and seeing the layout.

I wonder, though, if we can add an icon to branching stories next to their titles so readers are aware that a story has branches, similar to the community series pictures. I personally have a different reading approach to branching stories than I do for stories that don’t branch, and notification could help me find story styles I’m in the mood for.

I also wonder if there is or is planned functionality for listing all the branched stories in the story list by toggling something or searching something. Maybe a simple tag would work? (this might exist and I’m ignorant). Still, if I’m in the mood for a choose-your-own-orgasm outcome, it’d be fun to have all the options up front and present, so to speak. Just a thought!

Again, amazing functionality. Thanks for always building and expanding things on this site! It’s appreciated.

That’s an excellent idea! I will add that shortly.

And I’m really excited to see the first new branching story …

Also an excellent idea. I will also look into that.


I massively approve of the ideas here. Great post.

You could perhaps even swap it with the word count marker, i.e., instead of a word count number, a bespoke colour and branch symbol (if this would be doable, I have no idea if it is).

But either way, the reasoning;
When it comes to interactives, the wordcount is essentially useless information;
is the wordcount for the first chapter? (who needs that :person_shrugging:)
is it the average wordcount per path to all conclusions?
is it all the words in all the branches? etc, etc.

I’ve added the mark with the new layout. It will take a while for it to appear consistently, as the database is updated, which will take around 2 hours.

The separate list of branched stories will be added later. It’s not a big deal.

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You remain awesome. Thanks!

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It looks beautiful Cap’n