FeatureRequest: Hide empty profile picture slot (and follow up suggestion) [resolved]

I suggest the user pages hide the profile image slot for visitors to that page, when no image is uploaded, and “center” the authors written description.


The more general ‘follow up’ is just me thinking out loud about stuff.
Please browse for anything that chimes in with your creativity and ignore the rest.

A set of generic graphics that could have multiple purposes on the site.
such as;

Imagine a generic man like the “hypnosis logo guy” but just in a gray/navy/dark coloured plain body suit with just the GSS logo on his chest (the male symbol with the spiral).
That could be a ‘no profile picture’ picture.

“Hidden Authors” for the challenge events could have the graphic of the logo guy, but with three question marks across his visor, rather then the moving spiral, until the challenge ends and their identity is revealed.

it might be superfluous, also, it might be like a “fuck you” to any anon female writers or non binary writers.

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This has been resolved as the profile image is now used for the profile page background :slight_smile:

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Good stuff

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