FeatureRequest: Nested Comments [implemented]

Like a lot of authors, I like to reply to the people who comment on my story, thanking them for reading and discussing whatever points they brought up. Right now, comments are a flat list. I think it’d be very cool if comments could be nested.

(Bonus feature request: maybe we could email notify people of replies to their comments to they know when an author or another reader responded to them?)


I think threaded comments is the best way to describe this

I got it, and it hasn’t been suggested for the first time. I’m not against it, but if you want it (or any other suggestion) please keep adding “likes” to the initial posting!


I think this would be most easily done, interface/css/styling wise and screen real estate wise as Author only can respond to a specific comment. Otherwise it gets really complicated to see who is responding or read things easily (5 Reddit comments deep is pretty ugly on a phone)

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I’m trying to stay away from describing implementation details. Martin knows his code (and I suppose MonsterMash62 does too!) and I don’t want to insist on anything beyond the idea.

Done :slight_smile:

@MonsterMash62 In the implementation I chose, one can still reply to replies, but they’re still only listed all in one single list under the original posting. For our purpose, I think that’s the best compromise.