FeatureRequest: Statistics Over Time

Essentially: on a typical blog, and also on another site I post on (ReadOnlyMind), I have access to both a central statistics hub and a per-story hub that can tell me stats over time, with specific dates and graphs that show me when my stories get a spike of attention. The ROM one also shows likes and total word count for the author all one page, which I like.

I wonder if we could have a feature like that. It can be helpful for figuring out promotion for authors who advertise their work and it’s also just one of those data-junkie things, I think.

Attaching some screenshots of the ROM version just because it’s author-specific.

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Currently, we don’t collect that kind of data. The only thing I count is the actual number of clicks, which is already shown. In the past we Google Analytics had been connected to the site, which would collect that kind of data, but I removed that because some people had privacy concerns and blocked the injected Google scripts anyway, which was resulting in an incomplete picture.

Since the site is currently routed through Cloudflare, and Cloudflare itself is also collecting some rudimentary statistics data (which cannot be blocked out), I do have a small overview. However, Cludflare only collects for 7 days and is way more limited than Google Analytics was.

Here’s the access data for your latest story, in case you’re interested:

But to answer your question: I don’t have plans to implement that any time soon. I guess ROM (interesting site I didn’t know yet) is probably based on a standard CMS framework, so they can rely on the features of that platform. I’d have to code that feature by myself.

BTW, I’m a bit jealous of ReadOnlyMemory. They seem to have just started and from your statistics, they already produce more hits than GSS! Even though they’re not limited to gay stories, this is quite a feat!

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