FeatureRequest: Warning if you've skipped a chapter

The problem: Sometimes when posting a series, a reader might not see the new post every day. It could be pushed down the page, they might not have checked the site, etc. As an author, if I post in too quick succession, readers might miss a chapter.

A possible solution: When a user visits a story in a series, if they haven’t visited all the previous stories, we could show a banner at the top of the story letting them know they’ve skipped a chapter, with a link to the last unread chapter.

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I can’t tell whether someone just clicked a story or whether he actually read it.

I could add a “I’ve read this” checkbutton, but I’d rather have people use the rating feature for that. That’s why there’s a mark on stories which you’ve rated. You’re supposed to use this :slight_smile:

I was sort of thinking you could use the ‘view’ data. Granted, it doesn’t tell us if you’ve actually read the story, but it tells us if you missed seeing a chapter and never clicked on it at all.

Yes, I know, but I don’t think that knowing what you’ve clicked is helping much - and by the way, you get this already, if you don’t force the browser into inkognito mode.

Because visited links get a different color:

In this example, I haven’t ever visited chapter 2 of the series.

The link colouring is fair. I’m super curious if people generally click on the ‘series’ link, and so they see the chapters they missed, or if they usually click on the newest chapter link direct from the front page.

Usually, if you add new chapters to a series, older chapter will also get a noticeable boost in hits. So, yeah, people are checking out previous chapters.

Well, that takes care of my objection. Thanks Martin :slight_smile:

(BTW, really stoked that you’re being so proactive about soliciting and discussing feature ideas. Thanks!)

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