Feels different

Just curious in itself. But as a OG of the site I find myself not wanting to check for new stories on the Hypno side really anymore. It seems like it’s less about Hypno and becoming more and more about the kinks. Am I the only one that feels this.


You mean you don’t like that the focus of the site is changing?

That’s certainly true, as I’ve changed GSS to show all stories by default a couple of months ago - just to give these other stories a bit more visibility.

But I also know that there are people who don’t like that. I can only say: Use the tools at your disposal! The best way to get rid of stories you don’t want to see is to use the category selector:

There you have the possibility to select exactly what you want to see and what you’re not interested in. So everyone can configure his own preferred list of stories.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel the same way. We don’t really see many classic ‘swinging pocket watch’ hypnosis stories anymore. I consider Hyptrance to be the quintessential OG author of truly great hypnosis stories, and you don’t really see many people writing in that style anymore.

The newer authors contributing to the site have definitely shifted in a direction where the focus is less on the actual process of being hypnotized/mind controlled. There is often less emphasis now on the psychology and sensations that go along with being entranced, and more on the outcomes of the mind control, i.e., sex and indulging specific kinks. The mind control has become a means to an end, a vessel on which the erotic voyage takes place, rather than being the destination itself.

I remember once maybe a year or two ago there was a discussion on the Discord about whether a story should be approved because it only featured hypnosis and no sex, and I was like…“helloo?? Hypnosis is the whole point! That’s why we have a #nosex tag!”. For me, that moment really highlighted how priorities for a lot of readers have shifted over time.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem, it’s just different. I don’t know this for a fact but I assume the number of users on this site has grown over the past 5 years, so clearly there’s an audience for that sort of thing.


If you want the site to thrive, you can’t focus on a single trait and expect to pay the bills. Things change. People change. Tastes change.
On the meet-up sites I use I often smirk at those people whose needs are so specific that they will never find a hook up (or if they do, it’ll fail because of their narrow requirements).
There’s an excellent filtering system here - use it.
I’ve read plenty of stories that I found serendipitously and that I never would have encountered otherwise. That’s the beauty of this site.


Oh, then I misunderstood the intention of the thread starter, @vfdinc123 if it’s indeed more about the kind mind control stories.

And there I party have to agree with all of you. I also prefer classic mind control stories, especially from the pov of the controlled and with clever ways to control him. Best examples are, by pure coincidence, @Swizz 's stories. They are what pulled me into the genre to begin with.

I also like sex, so yes, I don’t mind hot sexy stories either, but transformation and especially muscle stories don’t do much for me. But that’s just ME personally. I totally understand that people look for different things.

I guess one of the problems is that so many stories have already been told. If you write a classic mind control story, you always feel like it has been told a thousand times before. You strife to make something different, and that’s always a lot harder, especially to get it right. That might be one reason that there are less “classical” new stories.

But also, tastes vary more the more people are on board.

Also, @Swizz , I can’t even remember that discussion you brought up. Was I a part of it? Because I certainly would never have asked for sex in a story to be admissable to the site. It has to be gay, yes, but it’s totally ok to have little or no actual sex in it. I have to admit that it becomes way less interesting to me personally, though, as mind control becomes so hot for me in combination with sex. But again, that’s just me.

It’s sad that Hyptrance doesn’t seem to be around anymore - at least for the last 4 years we haven’t heard from him. Thank you for that link, Swizz, I have to look up some of his older stories. If anyone knows how to contact him, please do ask him to post his complete back log of stories to our sites! I’d be so honored!


I don’t think it’s changed for the worse, there just isn’t always stories that peak my interest anymore. I am learning how to enjoy stories that are posted where the hypnosis doesn’t lead to an erotic encounter. Of course we’re all turned on by hypnosis but sometimes it’s fun to read a story where there isn’t sex. My only gripe is that I miss the longer stories. Yeah, I get a lot of us are here for a quick jerk and read, but I still like stories that I can read some, bookmark, and come back to later.

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It’s sad that Hyptrance doesn’t seem to be around anymore - at least for the last 4 years we haven’t heard from him. Thank you for that link, Swizz, I have to look up some of his older stories. If anyone knows how to contact him, please do ask him to post his complete back log of stories to our sites! I’d be so honored!

Whoa! I didn’t realize Hyptrance had posted new stuff in 2019. I’ll have to check them out!

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I still find hypnosis appealing as a kink, but I do find many of the set-ups and plots to be played out at this point. And endings! People are writing much better endings these days. I think in like half the older stories the subject/victim winds up being turned into a stripper.

Even though not everything being done now pushes my buttons, I’m happy that people are branching out and exploring new themes and concepts.


You know what? I think this might describe some of the reason why I dislike so much of the more standard mimd control stories that’s been pubished recently. They are written as a means to an end to just make a sex doll, instead of exploring the kink as is.

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Evolution of hypno and MC, I guess! But I agree that it feels quite different. I personally think that people’s tastes slowly drifted towards what we have nowadays. Also, different generations visiting this site. Older ones might have gotten tired of reading the same things, but also, younger ones might have a different approach to what this kink is about.

But I agree, it is VERY rare to find stories with inductions, let alone classic tranced performances. The closest thing I remember reading recently was StageShowMM’s stories, and they’re more about classic stage hypnotism than inductions.

Still, I manage to find really good stories. And who knows, maybe classic hypnotism will come back one day!

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I agree with the thread starter. The entire feel of the site has changed over the years. It is very few stories I decide to click on cause the teaser for them highlights lots of kinks I don’t like.

The kinks seem to grow stronger and more vivid with each year.

The illustration in the header is also contributing to this feeling. I find the image of a rubberclad, drone, bondage guy to frame the site in an unnecessary kinky light.


Another silly complaint…now it’s too kinky? Some of y’all are just vanilla. That’s okay, nothing wrong with that. But to say everything sucks and there are no stories that interest you is a bit dishonest. The hypnotized rubber drone is a perfect image for this site. This site is one of the best for personal curation. If you don’t certain kinks, filter them out! I personally don’t like anything to do with diapers or age play, so I don’t see stories with those kinks. A lot of the problem is y’all are just becoming self-righteous. This site isn’t meant to cater to YOU. Martin has done a great job keeping this website going, considering how targeted LGBT-centric websites have become in recent years. Need you be reminded GSS is the only gay centric hypnosis story website out there now? There are some valid critiques of this site but saying it sucks because you think it’s too kinky isn’t one of them.


Don’t hold back, throw them at me!

(Thanks for the nice words, but if there’s anything you don’t like and want to see improved, I’d like to know about it, maybe I can do something about it)


Agree with all this (except for the not liking diapers part lol). I wish the “purists” would use the tags to find stories they are apt to enjoy and stop leaving 0.5-1 ratings on stories that are clearly tagged, and that they knew going in they would hate as some sort of protest against the creativity of hard working authors who write kinks that they simply don’t enjoy.

If anything is dragging down this site, it is those people.

No authors? No stories.


We are not complaining, having an opinion is not a complaint. A for the record I do use the filters and tags, they are very useful. We are saying that the hypnosis is taking a back seat in the stories now a day. @Martin has built a great platform and being some who is in the creative space (but I’m no writer) I know that artist change. I like a good nanite, rubber drone, sex story but it’s seems like the balance is off. Writers like [Rubbersome] ('Automated' by rubbrsome - Gay Spiral Stories) and Hypnotic subjugation kept the frame of mind that we wanted sex but we also wanted to be the ones in control. And just because someone doesn’t want to got to the extreme send of the spectrum dose not invalidate their wants. We as gay/bi/Trans/pan/exc. are a spectrum. Not say go back to what it was but do push out all of the past just to accommodate to the future. Progress is built upon some not tearing it all down without reference.

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Martin, I apologize in advance for my blunt rudeness in this post but some of these whiners need to be called out.

But you’re lying. Hypnosis is not taking a back seat in all of the stories that are posted now. Once again, just because you basic taste doesn’t mean the site has become dull. I’m trying to be polite here but how stupid can you be to say there is no hypnosis themed stories anymore? Just because they aren’t swinging a watch or throwing a boring spiral in someone’s face doesn’t mean there is no mind control involved. No one is being pushed out. Hypnosis is not one boxed thing, it’s a kink that can and should evolve to include numerous things. You’re just an insufferable purist who wants things be their way or the highway. If anything needs to be pushed out it’s people like you.


I think it’s mostly your perception. Just take a look at the list of stories a few years back. The paged list of series is best suited for that, I’ve clicked the “random” button to get to a random point a few years back, see here:

All Series - Gay Kinky Stories (Sep 2017)

Check out these stories. There are just as varied as today, and only very few are centered on classic hypnosis.

Our memory is usually glorifying the past, we only remember the great stories we’ve read at some point. But they are few and far apart and always were. There are more stories these days, but I don’t think the number of classic mind control stories got any less, I think it’s actually the opposite.

I absolutely agree with your choice of stories, though. Rubbrsome was the author who attracted me to these stories and the old NCMC. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here today.

In case someone doesn’t know the random button on the paged lists, look here:

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We do not agree I can except it, but I do not except your means of invalidating other peoples opinions in other peoples feelings. Your very common of saying push some people out of the site is evident in my mind. I will agree that we are disagreed from this point forward I will no longer acknowledge any of your comments, I intend to keep this respectable and not start a comment war. My apologies to you @Martin - side question is there a possibility of using both the filters and the random button at the same time?


Yes, all the filters are always in effect, on all of the lists.

There are two ways of getting random stories, the one shown above, and of course the “Random” tab on the home page:

So my two cents here:

I’ve been visiting this site since NCMC days. And while it may have changed over time, I believe it is infinitely better (thank you Martin). I love a good hypnotic MC story, but I have enjoyed a lot more themes here that I never thought of before. Maybe some don’t do it for me, but that’s fine. What I will not do is ‘punish’ a story because it doesn’t do anything for me. I’ll just move on. Even if it’s something I don’t care for, an author took a chance and put their effort out there. I applaud their efforts and will not attack them or give them a low rating.

There. I hope I haven’t offended anyone with this. I apologize in advance if I have.