FInal chapter of multipart stories noted in subject line?

As a reader who prefers to read long stories after they are complete, I request a policy of somehow requiring a note in the subject line when a story chapter is actually the end of the story. That way readers like me can binge read the story and stop wondering when it will be completed. What do others think?


Problem is that this would have to be curated by the author himself. And even they often don’t know if a story is finished or not.

I could add a flag an author could click do mark that a chapter is the last (or only) chapter. Whether the author ever clicks that, though, would be entirely up to him. And I don’t think it would be too relaible. Also, the majority of all the older series in the backlog would probably not be marked at all.

So, if there are people in favor of this, I’ll consider it.

Thanks for your consideration. I’ll be interested in what people have to say about this idea.

I would certainly click on it if it were available. I often have people asking if I have plans to write more on a series. A flag would provide them a way to know that I don’t.

The one thing I see as a bit weird here would be if an author makes a story both a community series and marks it as complete. I suppose that could be interpreted as the author themselves being done with the story and others taking it up from there…or you could just forbid the combination, so a community story is never considered complete, since someone could add a chapter at any time.

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Don’t forget to like the initial posting to mark your support for this idea!

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Personally, I prefer to mention within the text of the story itself, as a footnote whether the story is complete or if I have further plans for it, or alternately as a post under my own story.

I doubt I would use this checkbox.