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Need help finding boipussy by against my will? Help plz

Sorry it was boypussy by AgainstMyWill

Tip: If you know the title (or parts of it) of a story, you can directly search for it.

Example: Enter


in the search field would have given you the proper result.

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Ok I will try to search for it here but if it isn’t here then I will ask…thx

Back when it was new I shared a link to that story to someone who doesn’t read this site. He fell head over heels for that story. :slight_smile:

And became a fan and frequent visitor of GSS, I hope? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if that person became a fan…but I have a friend to which I once pointed to another story. He thanked me and then nothing until several months later when he asked me for the URL of another story. :slight_smile:

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