Follow a Story feature?

Hey, first time posting on the forums here.

I’m not sure if this feature already exists or if it has been suggested before, but is it possible to have a ‘Follow a Story’ feature? What I mean by that is to have some way of being notified that a series just got a new chapter.

I don’t visit this site often, and sifting through each new stories posted can be a chore sometimes. It would be great if we get notified when a new chapter of POLLINATION was posted or something like that.

I’m not sure if a feature like this is not feasible or if people just dont think it would be useful, but I thought I open this discussion up to see if anyone feels the same way. I personally would like something like this implemented.


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I think what you’re looking for is available as a bonus feature to those who sponsor. The $3 package.


Okay so i guess its not a free feature. Okay thanks for letting me know

Also, the feature is only available on the series menu, not on each individual chapter. So for Pollination, you would go to and then, even if you’re not a sponsor, you can see the feature there, just above the chapter listing, though it’ll be greyed out.


Oh wow, I’ve been on this site in like, forever but I never once knew that this was a feature, ever! I guess I’m just very oblivious. Maybe I should consider subscribing for $3 in order to keep track of the series that I follow.

Thank you all for answering this question perfectly!

Let me just add that this is one of the very few features I added for Sponsors to give them a little bonus for their engagement. The site itself will always remain free, including all stories, but I might add some comfort functions exclusively available to Sponsors.


I can’t stress enough how important it is for everyone to “follow” the POLLINATION series. Just sayin’. Thanks.