Free Idea/Plot Setup King's Bridle

Ornate magic Bridle-Yoke-Collar that once put on someone enslaves them.

The Abilities and Rules
*Once removed the person is snapped back to mentally to pre-collared state but recalls and understands what happened while under, mostly
*It runs off the King of the Collar, the free person who puts it on, and it works by absorbing their ‘masculinity’ (at least by default) feeding it into the horse/servant/slave who grows along the individuals talents and their king’s ‘breeding training’
*The wearer, well collar, can drain or pour into others, but while it might zonk them they won’t, neccesarily be enthralled unless volunteer to be. Then a lesser mark appears on the, by default in representation of the bridle, as they so chose they can so break free more their feelings influenced and open to the collar wearer and then easier to discern from the King.
*if the bearer willingly chooses, so are still collared but allowed their own choices though can be enticed and so on, they can crown the king making them permenantly have the effects of being collared over them. The crowned king finds his powers increased and can drain masculinity from his slaves/stable grant it to anyone and receive tribute offerred from anyone.
*Otherwise the collared can’t remove the bridle themselves, unlessed ordered or their current king transfers authority, or is dead/incapacitated.

I think that covers the rules. Interested? Further questions?