From rags to dictator stories?

Hypnosis stories are not my taste, because most of them are too surfaced. As a result, it’s so difficult to find a good one to read with this theme.

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First time I’ve heard this idea. What are the turn-ons for you there?

Immediately I think of two stories with this theme. One of them is Eugene O’Neill’s play The Emperor Jones. The other is a nutty movie, Lawnmower Man. Neither of them is gay (the O’Neill doesn’t even have romance in it), but the two provide a template.

The turn on is it’s the reality but it’s never transparently said in the society because of the propaganda.

Thank you for the recommendation.

The most famous novel worldwide with this theme is [Animal Farm] by [George Orwell]. Nobel prize level.

I doubt [Black Mirror] steals some ideas from here :joy:. S04E01 , the rating is 8.3 on IMDB, very high. Emmy awards level.

I never expected I would find I am unit 7 by @jeep4191 here. Good and deep enough that I would be not surprised if Black Mirror makes it into a new episode.

Since you mention Animal Farm, then immediately I think of Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The story of how children, abandoned on an island, become monsters.

I think there are some key factors regarding this theme. Deep understanding of human nature and rigid society hierarchy. See through the propaganda from the mainstream media. It looks surreal but it actually talks about the reality. Do you have good stories such as I am unit 7 on this site to recommend?

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Is it really a “deep” understanding of human nature, or rather, is it a cynical view of human nature? Note that with one exception, all the stories mentioned are post-World War 2 stories. Perhaps their common thread is that they are inspired by the events of the war: They envision a leader who has vanquished his rivals together with a flock of people who are willing to put aside their morality in order to follow the leader.

In many ways that war has really had an overwhelming effect on human culture. Because of our knowledge of those events, it’s difficult to come up with a story that departs from the general storyline.

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I agree your point about WW2. The end of the war was the beginning of a new dynasty. The people had to dive into the new social distribution system. The leaders faced choices leading people into different direction.

Also, history always repeats. You don’t know when the old time would come back again.

There is also the possibility that someone becomes a dictator unintentionally: think of The Prince and the Pauper or The Great Dictator. In both of those cases the “point” of the stories is to draw a moral lesson.

Maybe one of the twisted minds on this website can try a different approach to such a story. :slight_smile:

Great concept. For some reason, class shift/transformation stories have always turned me on. Although, I prefer the opposite…from dictator to rags, as it were. Perhaps it’s because as a white collar executive type, I always fantasize about being put in my place. Any suggestions for such an idea?

@suitedsubmissive There are a number of stories like that. I remember one great story that I read on MCstories. A suited executive becomes transformed into a blue collar guy (construction worker? I don’t remember). A great scene at the end when he’s passing by a mirror, looks at himself, and for a moment remembers he’s supposed to be someone else. But before he can finish the thought, his partner pulls him away and they head home.

There are a few on cyoc that I really loved and were very relevant to this theme:
As a suit and tie executive (and closet submissive) such stories make me so turned on.

@nycboot I also see that you mention The Prince And The Pauper. I remember reading that book many years ago and always imagining myself in the Prince’s shoes, so to speak. Perhaps that was my nascent submissive nature exerting itself. The loss of one’s status, power, and authority is such a turn on to me.

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