It’s frustrating when you post a story and all you get is “your grammar is wrong, get a beta”. It’s not like betas grow on trees or this is anything more than a hobby.


Just wanted to let out steam.

I mean I really enjoyed what o did in Contagion and I figured others would as well. But, well, there are no comments.

Right. Sorry.

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I hear you.

Getting few comments can be really frustrating. I know the feeling.

I totally understand that a writer wants to get comments, as many as possible, critical ones just as much as positive ones. And then only getting one single (totally unwarranted) comment about grammar and spelling hurts a lot.

But if it’s any consolation to you, you’ve got 4 people putting your story in their favorite list, which is a LOT compared to most other stories. And the ratings it got are looking fine to me, too, aren’t they?

I don’t get many comments to my stories either and I figure that my taste just doesn’t match the majority, which seems to be into different kinds of kinks. And that’s fine with me.

The most important thing is: I write my stories for myself. mostly. I get horny writing them, and I love to think about those situations I put my characters in. If someone else is liking that too, fine.

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Yep. Definetly.

Which is why I posted this. I needed to complain. Hehe

As your right on all your points, I will just say I nodded at each paragraph in total agreement. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting to see all the kinks, especially when I read a story and am like “woah, I didn’t realize I like that.” Hehe

It’s funny that you mention thst because, and my bad, I just realized such statistics are there. Which is sad as those statistics are brilliant to see.

So yes, seeing them made me realize that contrary to comments people are actually reading the story, and liking it, and that’s cool. Like really cool.

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I don’t think it’s wise to judge a story by the number of comments it receives. I mean, when things like McDonalds and Justin Bieber are massively popular, it makes me think being popular is probably not a good thing. Lmao.


I’ve always really loved reading comments on my stories. When the old site went down, the comments were lost, and I still think back to them.

Martin - I just noticed those stats when the author is logged in too. Those are great! Is there any way to get my pre-account stories associated with my account so I can see the stats there too?

Certainly. Just give me the name of your account and the author name you used for your stories.

Oh, for some reason i expected you could see it in the profiles.

Account name: Derek Williams
Author name: Derek Williams

Thanks. The author name in your profile is just set to “D”. You can change that any time you want, then the correct name will be automatically filled in for new stories.

My admin function for assigning stories to an account fails for you for some reason. I’m going to look into that tomorrow, for now I have to ask you for a bit of patience :slight_smile:

Hi Derek,
I’ve just assigned your stories to your account.

@Martin on the topic of allocating stories, what’s the chances of getting my orphaned stories allocated to my account?
I know I can see all the stats anyway, but it would be nice to have them listed in my account…

@Heru_Kane I understand your frustration. I’m all for criticism, and appreciate constructive criticism, but when it’s just a negative comment (usually from a nameless user!), I just ignore it.

@mw-scot, no problem, I’ll do that this evening. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, you should be able to do that, too :slight_smile:

How do you do it?
I tried editing a couple and changing the author name, but it never worked. Is there some other option/menu I’m missing?

Ok, you can’t…

I thought you’d have the “admin” role, but you actually only have “approver” role.

But I’ve done it for you.

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I had started working on a new story recently, but there’s a new commenter who seems to be giving a blow-by-blow (or stroke-by-stroke?) “did I splooge or not?” commentary on every story he reads, and it just discouraged me from even bothering. I haven’t been contributing to the site much anyway this year, but I think I need to focus on writing that people can read for pleasure without using their hands.

Reminded me of this old SNL sketch where Kevin Nealon reviewed porn movies:

You’re talking about Daniel, aren’t you? He seems to go through the whole back catalog of stories… And comments on each one he reads. Which I appreciate. If he’s really THAT potent that he blows on each of those stories he comments on… well :wink:

For me stories serve both purposes. Some I read because I just want to whack off, others because they’re just a good read. Unfortunately, you never know before you’ve actually read the story.

So, Cris, I hope you’ll find your motivation, I’m looking forward to read new stories of yours. :slight_smile:

I’ve just checked my stories via my account, and I hate to tell you, they’re still not all there.
I’m guessing this is still to do with the earlier stories using a different account/email…

Ok, I’ve found more stories with your name. 20 alltogether. They’re all linked now. Are there any more stories you’re missing? If so, please link them here.


Now I can keep an eye out for any new comments.

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The amusing thing is that I keep on hoping Daniel will read my story. Haha

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