Gay Utopia

With the recent story post by Hypnothrill the whole idea of a gay utopia/distopia due to mind control has become a ‘new’ not new interest of mine. So I wanted to post an idea thread for discussion on such a story setting.

One interesting idea I had was a scifi story about the first true settlement on Mars. It was to be 100 people, both male and female. Then two thirds of the way of the training a women’s protest led to the women in the project backing out. Instead of canceling the plan the leadership decided that the 100 would be men. During the trip to Mars the psychologist on the mission began meeting one on one with all the guys, leading to them becoming open to gay sex with each other and submission towards him.

Another idea I had was a future story based on a colonial outpost for the surviving city-state, a city-state which uses various hypnotic methods to keep loyalty and submission. Society is organized into a caste of submissive followers and dominant leaders. Our main character just went through the Testing, which is when a person’s status as submissive or dominant comes through. He becomes recognized as a dominant, and we follow him as he takes his place among the leadership of the colony he lives in.

A further idea I had was a post-apocalyptic one set in a subterranean vault where the head guy uses various methods of mind control to make his residents loyal and submissive and sexually needy. He has lots of fun with his people.

The final, at this time idea, is not so much a story as an idea - after reading the story that led to this post I can’t help but imagine a gay story set in something like the Giver universe. hehe

Anyway, just wanted to share some ideas and see what others might think on the topic. :slight_smile:


Many years ago I read book (yes, a physical, printed one… :)) with a background which was quite what you’ve described. A colony made of men only which were all gay because they don’t know anything else. Women are just a myth.

The book contained only mild sex scenes, but it still intriguied me quite a lot. Unfortunately, I neither remember the book’s title nor author.

Anyway a scenario like this would be very intriguing for me. Sounds like a perfect setting for a community story. Someone has to describe the setting and the rules of this world, and hopefully people will add more and more iteresting sub plots to it!

(Edit: wow this got long. It didn’t seem so long when I was writing it. :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’ve long had an idea in my head along similar lines as your post-apocalyptic idea, but I don’t really know how to write it. I think, in order to properly set the tone, it would have to focus a lot more on the storytelling and at least somewhat less on the sex. I have no objections to that in principle, but I’m not sure I’d do all that well writing something that’s more sci-fi than pornographic.

My concept was more along the lines of aliens realizing that it’s only a matter of time before we end up killing ourselves in WW3. They’ve seen it coming since Roswell (or before…Roswell was just the first we knew of) and have been experimenting with giving some humans various mental abilities. When WW3 actually begins, they take the best of their subjects and settle them on another planet. People are in stasis at first, but slowly waking up as time progresses, and because of who the aliens chose, they establish a relatively egalitarian society. Either through a mistake or by design, however, one person develops an ability to dominate the others. I’m thinking it’d be by design, to mimic the social organization of the aliens’ society that has worked so well for them, but if I went with the mistake idea, I’d have the aliens be pacifists who only selected people who could work well together to rebuild society, and one slightly warped personality slipped through the cracks.

In terms of the structure of the story, my idea was to start pre-apocalypse and show people with different abilities who don’t know where they came from or why they have them, then move to post-apocalypse for the bulk of the story. The aliens themselves are never actually seen as part of the story, or maybe as a one-off side-story. The settlers can only guess as to the aliens’ motives in rescuing us at all, or why some specific people were selected to be rescued. I have it in my head that the dominant person starts as a preteen or young teen who has no actual abilities at first, but as he gets older, we see him progressively discovering what he can do, ultimately leading to his rule by the time he’s in his mid-twenties or so. The tricky part is keeping readers interested during the early teen years without doing anything terribly inappropriate. (Even if the site allows it, the Canadian law that I’m subject to says sex involving a minor cannot be a dominant characteristic of the story, so I necessarily have to watch what I write. Not that I’d want to focus on that in any event, but let’s face it, many teens have some kind of sex before they’re 18, so it seems to me that it would be realistic to include that in the story with an age-appropriate progression.)



That sounds very familiar to me. Like I know what book you are talking about but can’t put an immediate finger on it. If it is what I am half thinking of it was a revolutionary idea when it was first written, as was the whole nature of what happens when man meets women for the first time.

PS. It might be Ethan of Athos by Lois McMaster Bujold. That said, I looked up Single-Gender Worlds on Wikipedia and there are a number of potentials for the story you read. A few of which look good. hehe

On it being a community project yeah, depending on how the set up, it very well could be. The idea could be to remove the “one man does the control” and make it a sort of secret council of like-minded indivduals. They hatch a plot, make their plans, and then gather the perfect individuals for it before activating the program on said people. Over the course of the journey the people become effected, some become dominants (including a few super-dominants, they dominate the dominates), others submissives. The group begin creating pairs and treos and even whole harems as the 100 maneuver for their place in the new society that is ‘accidentally’ developing.

Various writers could write stories as dominants and or submissives and what they do as they gather their partners and harems. hehe

Depending on how cut off they are from Earth there could be certain side effects on said planet as well that could be nifty.

This. This is my exact issue. I have a lot of ideas for such stories but most of the end up being plot heavy rather than sex heavy. Which is, of course, fine and great, but it does not make a porn story. lol

(Honestly, that is also how my imagination is. So I start imagining a scene - say a man hypnotizes his roommate - and then I find myself going “well if he cna do that to his roommate maybe he will expand it” and before I know it I have this huge convoluted plot in what was supposed to be a moment of fun. lol)

Your idea is really interesting. I like the thought of aliens helping humans survive by taking some and putting them elsewhere to live in peace.

I REALLY love the idea of the main character awakening as an alpha character, one whose very nature breeds his control over others. That is supremely sexy.

The idea of there being a colony that focuses on mind control to keep its people loyal and submissive and then our main character realizing it but deciding that its all fine is also hot to me. Like we follow him as he realizes there is mind control going on, then he discovers that due to his nature he can become a person of power in said mind control society, then he has to decide does he join in the rebellion to fight it or does he join and dominant the others. Maybe he even gets the forces of the rebellion under his control and uses them as a new arm to basically take over, either the whole society or just the area around his home and such.

The idea of starting with a younger character who comes into his own is a very interesting one. We follow him from his first fumbling attempts at influencing others to his full on realization what he can do and then to him taking his place as a prominent leader in the new society.

As a side one could always ignore the alien thing and put the idea as say a human colony on a new world, something goes on, and the people there find themselves creating a society with dominants and submissives and subliminal hypnosis making people loyal and sexually needy.

But yeah your idea is really fun to read and think about. Very fun!


@RobinHood70 sounds like an awesome idea, and if you’re clever about it, you could keep up the heat.

I think the trick would be to do it as a series of practically one offs that are more about the effect of the mind controller. So he never gets his own story. Same with the aliens. Leave it a total mystery what they were after and why they picked who they picked. That way, it could be some bullies and other antagonists to keep things interesting.

The mind controller could be a character featured in each story, but he could start out not knowing what he’s doing, as you said.

So the first part could feature a daddy type guy who is in charge and working to get some kind of agriculture going. He’s extremely fit and attractive, and despite having had a wife on earth, he finds himself drawn to this kid he just met (who is 18 but a virgin). The daddy guy finds himself seducing the virgin, eager to do all of his favorite things.

The next part could have a bully, who is friends with another explorer guy who wants to learn about the aliens. The bully could pick on the formerly virgin guy from part one but then all of a sudden stop. The explorer friend would get curious and eventually realizes that the bully is being mind controlled into doing what the former virgin wants. It would bother him at first, but then he’d realize he’s just jealous and offer himself to the former virgin (not understanding that the former virgin has mind controlled him too).

In the next story, you could show a single set of guys, who are both straight and miss women (depending on if there are women) who slowly find themselves falling in love. They have sex many times, worried about their friends finding out, but slowly wearing less and less clothes and being more and more horny all the time. In the end, they find out that all of their friends have hooked up. Then, shortly after, the mind controller, who everyone knows and loves, suggests an orgy to blow off steam in between work shifts.

Something like that. Think the trick would be to focus on individual characters and have the greater plot / world revealed as a backdrop to the individual characters’ stories. The heat and sexiness is ultimately with individual characters, so telling their story would allow you to keep things hot.

My two cents.

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Sooo lets imagine a cyperbunk sort of setting. The land outside is a horrible, devastated place from ecological collapse and war. The remaining civilization, at least in this region, is based on a number of arcology towers. These places are complex structures with winding spiral paths and interior rural, suburban, and urban areas with forests, farms, and building complexes.

Every person in the complex is under a constant hypnotic trance effect, of which the details are still open to discussion. That said I figure the effect is done through the senses, so the effect is done by sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch; maybe with a touch of erotic stimulation.

The people of the society are organized into castes, with each one having a part to play in greater society. All people are born and raised as a Citizen but then upon turning 18 are transitioned into a function caste - some of which include Worker, Warrior, and Artisan. In time some members can be upgraded into a supervisory role, first within their own caste and then over projects of multiple castes. And then, at the top, are the Lords, a specialized caste all on their own, they rule all.

The idea of the saga is that each story or mini-series would follow the adventurers of one particular person. So I might write a story of a Citizen who becomes a Lord, while another person might write a story about a Citizen who becomes some other caste - either dominant or submissive.

Everyone has a place within the society of the towers, a place that is picked and reinforced by hypnotic training.

Just wanted to share the idea and see if anyone else was interested in maybe developing something related to it with me and such.