Genie Troubles - Remix?

I have always admired the story known as ‘Genie Troubles’, but I was highly dissatisfied with how it ended. I even wrote my own spin-off of the story called ‘Genie Wishes’ using the same genie and premise but with different characters, but it’s been years since I wrote Genie Wishes, and I’ve long since lost interest in it.

So I’ve been working on editing the Genie Troubles to fix the grammar errors and change the tenses to present-tense rather than past-tense as well as adding in more vivid details and tidbits.

Trouble is, I’m not sure if I can submit it if and when I edit and add to it because I am not the original author. I need to get express permission to submit it, right? But I don’t know how to contact original author, Good Boy, who originally wrote Genie Troubles as a male-female story, but it was later changed up by the so-called ‘Readers of NCMC’ to make it a gay version.

I really love the story, and I want to try and make it better with my ideas by adding to it. What can I do? I’d hate to be reported or accused of plagiarism and such.

If you put in a link to the original story and also mention the original author by name, I’ll publish it.

Of course, if the original author should ever subject, I would have to take it down. But I don’t think that’s very likely.

Omg you’re the writer of “Genie Wishes”? I love that series, really hope theres a conclusion to it.