Give me story ideas!

What’s good guys. So I been sort of all over the place recently. Last couple things I wrote was Squirrely which I of course adored (else I wouldnta wrote such weird shit) and a couple little paragraph-long one-shots that aren’t enough for the site.

As you guys know I like to write about sports rivalries and all that so anyway, I’m just throwin it out there that if you have some sports-related conflict/rivalry/anything that you wanna see a story about then let me know and I’ll probably make a story out of it. It’s fuckin fun, man!

PS. I’m considering a sequel to Judgement Day, since (and I’m gonna use real names here, cuz the guys in the story were totally real people) Aaron Judge has been having a hell of a rough time this postseason, striking out all the damn time, PLUS the Yanks are playing the Astros again and Altuve and Brantley and Cole are fuckin amazing this year. So… another gangbang in the Astros clubhouse may or may not be in order…

What about a story where the coaches of different teams have their whole teams secretly under hypnosis/mind control? When their team loses, they can’t cum (maybe they can’t even get hard) until the next game, but when they win, they get to have a post-game orgy (the coach erases their minds of the incident afterwards, but they go home feeling satisfied and satiated). The coaches also use the players for their own satisfaction as well. Perhaps when players get traded, its partly because the coaches are making deals to get the players they find the hottest on their team to be their fucktoys.

I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know too much about sports, but I figured I’d give my pitch anyways (pun intended)!

Seen the purple commercials with their seductive/allujring beds?