So I am confused a bit about Growlboys. Not so much on the GSS end of things, no, that makes sense - the stories fit the themes and purpose and nature of this site and thus have every every right and place here.

What confuses me is Growlboys itself. I tried going to the website and the phone version sucks (scrolling down and across doesn’t seem to work). Then when I went on my computer there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut “this is what we cover” in English.

Which in some ways is frustrating as the images are very very freaken hot. Oh my lord was the pics hot, especially of the butts and the rimming action in many images, sooooo hot. (The anthro transformations were great as well, very hot too).

But yeah, its hard to entirely get a clear cut sense of what the purpose and set up of the site.

That said the idea of them adding hypnosis and mind control to it, and maybe things like straight to gay, would be AWESOME so thumbs up on them.

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Actually, I’ve stumbled over GrowlBoys some month ago and I even subscribed to them for a while. While the layout and functionality of the site is a bit unconventional (especially the sidescrolling to follow the story), I could use it well enough on my desktop PC.

I’ve never tried it on the smart phone or a tablet, though (you know, I prefer my desktop monitor, because I can use both my hands that way… :yum:).

I’ll point the guys from GrowlBoys to this thread, maybe they can give you some help with your problems.

Actually, I’ve just tried to access the site on my tablet. It turned out that I could not scroll at all with the usual sliding on the screen. It worked when using the cursor keys though, which are available on the separate keyboard on my tablet.

It seems that there’s definitely a problem with the site on mobile devices!

Hi friends! Legrand Wolf here. My husband and I are the creators of the site. I just went to the site on my iPhone to see if I could replicate the issue. We have certainly had some issues getting our desktop version of the site compatible across all mobile devices, but I’m not seeing the issue you are describing.

Once I log in and get in and get past the various cookie warnings, and the popup telling you where downloads are located, I get the cover image for the story and left and right arrows. I then swipe to move to the next column of either an image or text. If it is text I can scroll up and down to read the text. If it is an image, I can download it to my phone. I can keep swiping until I get to a video, and I played the video in the story without an issue. After that I went to the end to see the trailer for the next chapter and that worked as well.

I then went to my ipad and it seems to be working there too.

I definitely want to replicate your issue. Can you refresh your browser or go into an incognito window on your smart phone and see if the issue you are describing persists? If it does, can you give me a little more info so I can replicate it and fix it?

I’ll keep trouble shooting on this end. We definitely want our fans to have the best experience possible!



Hi Legrand,

I’ve just tested on my Android phone (OnePlus 6) and tablet (Samsung s5e), both using Chrome. The outcome is the same on both devices: On the main page I cannot scroll the site at all. Even after closing the cookie warning.

On that page I can only access chapter 2 of “The Kid”. The story itself is working fine, though, I can swipe swipe left/right to read the whole story.

But since the main page is not working, I cannot access any other chapters and I cannot see the characters either.

On the tablet it’s similar, the main page doesn’t scroll at all. After clicking the story “The Kid”, I get the list of its chapters

but the story itself is working fine again.

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I have an android phobe and am using chrome and the site doesn’t let me scroll by touch screen control.

I’m not logged in as I’m not a member.

Hi everyone!

My name is Danny GO and I’m the administrative manager at and I’m also the uploader of our stories here at Gay Spiral Stories! It’s great to meet you all. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for the feedback on the site. I am happy to report that with your help, we were able to replicate the issue via Chrome on Android and get it fixed!

When you have a moment, could you please check and make sure the issue has been resolved on your end?

Thank you all again! :slight_smile:

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@GrowlBoys I checked and yeah its fixed. Which is pretty awesome as it lets me now scroll through the site and enjoy the information you have there.

I have to tell you its really hot. I especially like the fact that they can switch between human and facially anthro forms (plus with tails, which just makes it all the more hotter). The idea that their cum is basically super addicting is also really brilliant.

I have only been able to partially go through the site and read its information (a time factor not a website issue) but I like what I see. I do hope that there is super dominant character who makes others into his good boys, hehe.

Honestly, if I was at a place (economically) in life where I could support you guys I would because every picture I see, both them as human and them as anthro, is supremely hot.

Oh, and there is one more thing I would like to mention. Now this might just be me being me but I really wish there was both a short synopsis of what the point is and a glossary of some sort as well. Yes I can figure things out by reading but its all the better if its easy to understand, and fund.

PS. Love the butt shots and wish there was more rimming in stuff.

PPS. The canine character you have posted above the Pics & Downloads section on each story has such a pretty tailhole, with associated tail and nice balls. So hot!

I’m so thrilled the problem has been resolved. Ah, technology! Love it, but it can be a bit of a hindrance at times, lol! I’m also so happy to see how much you love our content! We know how difficult things can be with the economy, in the meantime, I’m happy we can can provide our stories here for you!

Lastly, those are some great suggestions and I have made sure to pass them on to our team. We always love receiving feedback, so thank you so much!