Have a new story to be reviewed before posting


Who can help me on this?



yes, all stories are reviewed before they’re published. But that’s an automated process. Simply submit your story with the “New Story” button. You can review and edit the story as often as you want and once you’re happy with it, you click “Publish”.

Then we will be notified and will check your story. Usually it’ll get approved within 24 hours, or you’ll get a notification if there was any problem with it.

Make sure that the email address you use for your account can receive mails, otherwise we cannot get in touch with you if there’s a problem.

Bye, Martin

I would need someone to reread it and fix the sentences. I would want to avoid comments telling me the story is really badly written that it is difficult to follow.

Oh, I guess I misunderstood your request. If noone answers your request here, you can always go to our Discord server and ask for people to proofread your story there.

If you read my stories, I have a bunch of spelling and punctuation errors but when I read somoene elses stories, I can identify theirs as well as grammatical. If you just need a peer review, feel free to PM me

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