Having an issue with editing my stories to be part of a series

Hi guys! New writer here, but loved the site for a good deal of months now! Now, I have a problem that I had hoped I could find the solution to myself. I posted two stories anonymously with the intention that once I got a pen name for writing gay mind control erotica, I would re-edit them to be a series and under this name. Now that I have a name, I get an error message when trying to fix it! It said something about “verification” but I never got an email like that. And I got the emails that said my stories were submitted and approved! I just have no idea how to resolve this. I wanna post my third story in the series under this name, too.


Your account looks fine to me and you can log on just fine, obviously, since you’re writing here in the forum under your account name.

Your stories are not associated with you, though, because you submitted them before you created your account. I’ll associate them with your account.

For that I need to me know which of the stories are yours.

Why thank you! Yeah, I planned to PM you but I didn’t have the privilege yet. I actually thought this forum didn’t do that, but then it got unlocked after I made this topic lol.

Anyways, these stories here are mine:



You can always email me at martin@gayspiralstories.com :slight_smile:

You should be able to edit your stories now, they should be linked to your account.

To be honest, while I’m not a noob at forums, I am apparently new at forums where they lock PMs for brand-new users and where admins are cool with posting their emails. I love it, though. I will keep that in mind for later, thank you.

And now when I try to edit my story, after I hit submit, it says “denied”. I did notice my name is attached now. Do I need new links or something? Still baffled. As always, thank you.

The forum is working this way to prevent spam. A user has to be somewhat active (mostly by reading existing postings) before he’s ‘promoted’ to trust level 1. Before that, public postings have to be approved before they become visible and PMs are blocked.

I’ve already lowered the requirements for being promoted quite a bit from the default values the forum software is shipped with, since this community is refreshingly ‘adult’ :wink:

My email address is publicly known anyway, it’s shown on the main site on various spots.

I have no idea why you cannot save changes to your story. Looks like a bug. But you do see their stats and ratings now?

Until I have resolved that, you have two options: Send me the changes you want to make to your story by email. In theory, you could also resubmit your stories, but then you’d lose all your stats, comments and ratings on the existing stories.

I don’t even see the ratings on the story I had published under this name, actually. I also just checked and I don’t under those, either. I did notice that I have the “edit link” at the top of the new story and not under the other two. Also, I did note that while my two stories still say anonymous in the story list, the stories themselves have my name on them.

And of course, the usual “thank you” applies.

Please try again. I’ve changed some database values manually. The series should be assigned to you as well, now.

Make sure to force a browser refresh (Ctrl-F5 in Chrome) to make sure you get the current version of each page, especially in the story list and the story details.

(I really have to fix some mechanisms with the way authors, stories and series are linked together…)

Yeah, it still isn’t working. It’s really unfortunate, but can you delete the stories? I’ll re-upload with the third part tomorrow. Not thrilled, but this is getting to be too much of a headache. I already know all the comments are of people being super nice and awesome. I still can’t see the ratings, anyways.

You’re sure you’ve pressed Ctrl-F5? To make absolutely sure, you can also delete the browser’s cache.

I’m sorry that this causes such a hassle for you, but as you might know, I’ve just taken over the site about half a year ago, and there are some things in the code and the database that I still don’t understand fully.

If nothing helps, just upload the stories again (I’d recommend to put Stephanie and Michael into one series!). I’ll delete the old version when I’m approving the new uploads.

So you could edit the stories after all… Glad that it’s working now!

It was the browser cache, wasn’t it? That thing is haunting me without end! It causes people not to see changes I’ve made to the site and other things.

Yep, it was indeed the browser cache! I can even now see the ratings! I find it funny that my one-shot story I thought of on the fly and didn’t bother to flesh out like my series is doing a lot better than said series. This is very invaluable feedback!

And thanks for helping me! I’m super glad!