Hello from Marvyn Greene

I have always wanted to write but the demands of my job meant that I never had the time to devote to it. Recently I have begun to work part-time and I decided to attempt to write a story for this website, which I have always considered one of the more civilised sites on the internet. It is rare to see trolls or flamers on here and most comments are positive and encouraging. So I want to thank everyone out there for that. I also want to thank Hugh, who used to run this site for the great help and encouragement he gave me when I first began posting stories. I also want to thank Martin, who has recently taken over running the site, for his help and support and also for the many amazing improvements he had initiated in such a short space of time.

As for my stories: they tend to be rather slow to start, long and complicated, which might annoy some readers. I have an interest in transformation as well as hypnosis. I began a story which was meant to be a humorous take on the vampire genre [Earth to Earth] but I gave it up because it got very little feedback, so I guessed it was not of much interest.

One thing I tried to do was to bring men of different ethnic groups into my work, which has been appreciated by some readers. One issue I have is that it’s okay to have a black ‘master’ taking liberties with a white ‘slave’ but the opposite is not true; my most recent story ‘The Apartment Share’ was originally about a white man controlling a black guy, but I did not have the courage to post it in that form because I would inevitably be accused of racism, which is ridiculous as I am British / Jamaican and black myself. Of course I understand the socio-political complexities of the issue, but it is sad that some people out there cannot separate fact from fiction. These are stories and, when all is said and done, stories are all lies - they are not real.

Anyway, my email address is visible in all my stories and I welcome feedback and suggestions for what people on here would like.

Best wishes to you all for a great 2018.

Marvyn x


Hey Marvyn. I very much enjoyed your most recent story. Thank you for consistently producing such high quality work.

You’ve offered a pretty interesting insight regarding the race issue. You are correct that a black person being dominated would probably not be as well received. Ultimately though, and pardon my French… who gives a fuck? If you want to write about a black slave, then go for it. To me, if we are truly to live in an egalitarian society, then everything has to be up for grabs. This whole site - by its very nature - is almost always grossly immoral, involving rape, incest, kidnappings, and worse. Black people being portrayed as slaves seems pretty light in comparison.

Write the things you want to write, don’t worry about what random people on the internet think. Moreover, don’t connect comments with interest. It you enjoyed writing your Earth to Earth series and you want to continue it, then you should continue it. I am certain there is a lot of people who never post who greatly enjoy that sort of thing.

With all that being said, I do deliberately avoid specifying race in my stories if it is not relevant to the plot. Because surely, if it its not relevant to the plot, bringing it up can never be anything other than two things: token pandering or purposeful discrimination.

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Hi there mgreene! I love your stories, the ethnic diversity, the way you try to really establish a character (I think very few on this site achieve that) and even through language, and most of all, the complexity of your stories make them among the most satisfying, and the historical nature of many of them, touching on actual historical incidents… Though one may not jerk off at every scene or even every chapter, they are worth waiting for.

If I may gently suggest, you’ve mentioned you’re interested in bi-characters and I think nearly all of your stories have women involved. I read your stories because I love the rewards. I could imagine that if I was just looking for hot stuff, having a woman present would be a total turnoff. I know you’ve said you like/want them, but if you’re seeking feedback, this might be one element influencing that feedback.

Keep at it! I was in Jamaica for one day in November. If I may suggest, you should do something with a Jamaican character speaking solely in patois.

I don’t usually have issue with women in stories, personally. The big turn on for me is the mind control. The gay stuff is actually secondary. With that said, this is, of course, a gay site, and I think anything sexual with women would be wholly inappropriate for the target audience. However, I have seen people complain about female characters existing in stories. Period. Even when they aren’t being involved in anything sexual. I don’t really understand that. To me, gay fiction means man-on-man sexual stuff, not the complete absence of females.

It’s usually really hard to make a believable, fleshed out story that doesn’t include a woman or two. Of course, when it’s just a short one chapter thing, it’s doable, but as we know, Marvyn likes to write wonderfully lengthy, involved stories. Those types of tales are going to have the occasional girl character!


I agree with both Swizzington and nycboot about including female characters. They have to be present to a certain extent in the longer, broader stories, but I try to keep this to a minimum. Readers on a gay story site don’t really want to hear about women, particularly in the sex scenes. In two of my stories the only major female character was the protagonist’s grandmother [Incubus and The Enemy Within] and they only had cameo roles, both passing away before the end of the story. In gay-to-straight scenarios I like to have the protagonist fuck a woman at the start of the story to establish his originally heterosexual credentials [Dominoes and The Apartment Share] but after their last hetero fuck, they become gay all the way… In Catalyst I included the female character of Livia [who, I remember, rather got on nycboot’s nerves] because I wanted to explore her incestuous relationship with her bisexual twin brother. The other three main characters in that story were gay men. So, as Swizzington says, in longer stories, the occasional girl character will crop up, but as nycboot advises they will never be more than ‘background scenery’.

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Hi Marvyn. Swizz’s post made me feel guilty that I came down too hard on your characters. I don’t really mind a female character, it’s the sex scene/love making which I personally find a turnoff. Actually after I read a chapter of one of your stories, I was thinking you could write a kind of “Crying Game” surprise with a hyper-tough leatherman (formerly woman, who apparently compensates for his birth gender). But as I was trying to think of dialogue, I came up empty on how that would play out.

I actually do a bit of work on turn-of-the 16th century England, particularly revolving around drama and music (The King’s Men, for example). If you have any more story ideas in that period, I’d love to read them. Your stories have such a Dickensian twist (and I don’t say that because you’re in the UK) - there’s a special joy in seeing the threads laid out in chapters 1-2 coming to a resolution in the later chapters.

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You’re both making totally valid points, and I’m enjoying reading this discussion. There has to be female characters in good, detailed stories, and I totally understand that you want to establish a character’s heterosexuality, Marvyn. Of course, there is no better way to do that than to include in the story a brief scene in which the character bangs a woman. But…yeah…I agree with Boot, that when there is actual hetero sex being described in a gay story, it’s a bit off. For instance, this specific part of The Apartment Share:

"Luke fucked Maria so hard that the headboard of her bed banged against the wall behind it. He let out a deep moan of pleasure as he climaxed and shot his load inside her pussy. "

And it continues in that vein through the rest of the paragraph.

The first time I read your story, I got 3-4 words into that first sentence and then my eyes just moved to the next paragraph automatically. Reading it again, I was probably right to do so. That’s not really a scene I want to picture. It’s just a little too much information, lol!

I think it’s possible to allude to the hetero sex, without mentioning the specifics of it. That being said, like I stated before, don’t let random people on the internet (of which I am certainly one) dictate how you write. I still loved the story either way!

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Exactly, Swizz. Think of Hollywood films of the 1940s - less is more. Sometimes leaving the imagination up to the reader is a much better option than describing a sexual encounter. Something like this is sensual yet I don’t have to be troubled with details:

“As he had done so many times, he looked at her with unblinking eyes. She let out a quiet gasp as she quietly gulped. Together they closed the chamber door behind them. There would be no dinner tonight; their hunger would be satisfied elsewhere.”

Actually, going back to 17th century England I once came across a humorous song that told of a man encountering a woman with some gardening tool (which I can’t remember), but in response to the woman’s cries for help, the song went something like “With my hammer I knock, knock, knock, knock…until I’m done, then I knock, knock, knock, knock, again…” etc. By today’s standards, a very pornographic song.

The gardening tool was probably a hoe, nycboot…

Reading the extract from my story that Swizzington pasted made me feel bad - it reads a little crass on its own like that. My bad… I guess I was trying to get over to the readers that the character was arrogant and aggressive, but it does seem a bit violent. Ah well. One learns from one’s mistakes…

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Sorry, didn’t mean to make you feel bad! :sweat_smile: Stuff always looks worse taken out of context.

But yeah, writing is like painting, or any other art form. It takes practice and you get better each time. I’m not a great author by any stretch, but at least I can look back on the stuff I did a few years ago and cringe, lol.

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I find it strange that there are people who freak out at the presence of any women in stories. Hell, my first story involved a main character being engaged to a woman at the end of it, and people seemed to enjoy that ending.

But then, we can be a strange community sometimes. And I think hetero sex is icky, so I’m not going to write about that. Dif’rent strokes.

Marvyn, your Apartment Share story was chilling, in a sexy way. It was very well written!

Thank you Happy Endings - I’m glad you enjoyed The Apartment Share. As I said before, the ethnic backgrounds of the two main protagonists were originally reversed, but that version was too controversial in today’s PC climate.

I agree with you about the presence of women in stories, but this is a gay website and many gay men do find heterosexual sex ‘icky’ so I have to respect that.

Not sure what I’m going to write next. I’m halfway through a story I’ve pretty well plotted out called ‘Earth to Earth’, but it didn’t seem all that popular with readers, so I’m considering a new one involving time travel which might prove interesting.

On the point of women in gay mc stories for me if rather they not be main characters or domunsbtky featured. Coming in as necessary for the point of matters I’m fine with, I just don’t want them to be anywhere near the focus.

That said reading at the start our future mind controlled guy having sex with a women makes sense as establishing character dynamics.

Honestly, it’s the same with having a homophobic straight guy use a gay slur. With one word he is identified as a bad person.

So a dude insulting his gay neighbor while banging a chick clearly shows two fundamental things - he is straight and homophobic.

I remember reading one story where as the guy had sex with the woman the narrator talked about his backside pumping and his ass glistening. I smiled at that as it was a gay description of an otherwise straight act.

Funnily enough, in my (albeit limited) experience, in real life it is often the loudest homophobes that actually turn out to be gay themselves. :thinking:

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