Hello GSS (introduction)

I’m theDirtySpiders

I started writing about two years ago, I have/had a small following on Tumblr before it committed “adult-harikiri” and since then I’ve been doing nothing, except looking for a new home as such.

A few guys recommended this place.
If I was to try explain my style, it’s kinda just… gay/magic/transformation.
Although I just write whatever my brain throws at me, I’ve noticed subconscious me seems to return a lot to cubs/yonger/inexperiences using or transforming bears/older/experienced,
inanimate transformation, cigars, skin suits/costumes.

Anyways that’s enough blabbering out of me.
I might start throwing up some of my stores as time goes on, and maybe a short edited “best of” of my Tumblr days.

I’ve been reading some stores already and I love the quality of writing.
A lot to look up too.

Thanks guys

PS, I couldn’t find a “introductions” thread, so if you want anyone can just use this one, or, if people want to ask me anything, I;m game as well.

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Welcome. It’s always good to have more authors on the site. Looking forward to reading your stuff!

What @Swizzington said!

And you’ve just started the introduction thread that was indeed long overdue!

Everyone introduce themselves please!

I’m Martin, by the way, proprietor and admin slave of this little depraved site …

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Welcome to the page tDS! Always great to have more stories. Everyone has different tastes, likes, dislikes and kinks and variety is wonderful! Glad to have you aboard.

And Hello everyone else!

I’m MicroModal. I too had a page on tumblr until the December Decimation and had not done much else until about May of this year when I began to post stories on this page. My interests run towards mind control (obviously), underwear and cum but I’ve been known to write about other things from time to time.

Also, my own sense of humor often finds it’s way into my stories. I’m a firm believer in laughter being the best medicine and I love to laugh, yes, even about porn. I grew up in upstate NY South of Buffalo and currently live in the North suburbs of Dallas, TX.

I have found this a very welcoming site and I’m always excited to see what will be posted next!

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Hey welcome.

(I feel weird welcoming someone)
Yeah I’ve just got here and submitted a few stories. I must stay the community is full of absolutely great people.

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