Help finding a story?

I thought I read a couple stories on this site at the end of 2017/2018. Was about these two roomate’s and one of them brings back his “friend” whose cum made people do what he say or something like that. That was the first part. Second story was how the first guy became “friends” with the guy who had addictive cum. Think had to do with him having sex with his GF at the time and him licking it out from her (used her to get him).

Not sure if that’s enough detail, I’ve tried searching for it but can’t find it. Wonder if it was deleted.


It sounds like you’re describing “An Ad Tale.” At least the part with using a woman to get the gay part was definitely in this story. I hope thats what youre looking for.

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Thank you, that’s it! Idk why thought was from those specific years. Been looking for months for it.

Yaaay! I’m glad I could help!

That’s one of my stories :smiley:

Always nice to hear somebody likes my work :+1:

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Really love The Ad series, mate! I wish you would continue it!

I’m a bit out of ideas for Ad just now, so I’m not sure if there will be anymore.
I’ve got some different ideas I’m working on, but I’m currently lacking time to do much writing at the moment :confused:

So I’m also trying to find a story and its frustrating me that i cant remember the title or the author. Ill try to write down as much of the details as i could.

Basically its about this gay mind controller and hes very OCD and a meat freak and controls this guy to be his boyfriend and they only do like “sanitary” things because of his OCD and germaphobe issues so they just kiss and cuddle. And them a second mind controller arrives and messes with the protagonist and his boyfriend. He blocks the protagonist’s powers and he makes the boyfriend totally dominant and aggressive which is a total nightmare to the protagonist and thats how the story ends.

I hope this sounds familiar to someone and helps me find where the story is.

Thank you

Is it

Thanks, buddy! Yes, this is the story! Im so happy that I finally found it. Thank you so much again!

There were 2 chapters of a story. An orphan meets the new neighbors who are 2 bodybuilders , and they have a porn business where they hypnotize the guy into performing for them. Each chapter focused on the orphan and one of the daddies. The 2nd chapter ended in the orphan running away from his boardhouse(?). I believe it was posted summertime of this year. I have no memory on who the author or * story title was.