Help Finding This Hypno Story?

There’s a story I recall, that I just can’t find.

It’s about an apartment, where someone is playing hypnotic music that makes everyone in the apartment accept things. The group of friends in the apartment all pass around this one guy, but then later on his cousin comes in and also gets passed around, or shared. There’s also a “fight” for dominance between two of the tops, one a younger guy and the other an old fox type fellow, that ends with them going into a private room and the older guy screwing the younger. This story stuck out to me as one of the first examples of the “clueless” or “oblivious” mind control.

Anyway, I would really love to read it again (and do other things while reading again), so I appreciate any help. Similar stories would also be fun to read, if you don’t know this specific one I’m talking about!

Could be Peter’s Clueless Seduction?

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Yes, that’s exactly it. Thanks a lot!