Help Hosting Photo Links

I’m writing a story that’s inspired by several photos I found on the message boards of LPSG. They’re nudes (mostly erect, but no sex), many of which were posted on Tumblr back in the good old days of that platform. The problem I’m having is that I’d like to embed links to those photos in my story, so that readers can see the images that inspired certain scenes. But images hosted on LPSG are only visible for members of that site.

I’ve talked to Martin about this, and he’s suggested using a service like Twitter or Reddit to post the images. But I’m not a member of either service, and I’m not comfortable joining them just to post porn pictures. Would any of you who are active on Porn Twitter/Porn Reddit be willing to help me out here?

You can in fact upload it here into the forum, or you could upload them to our Discord server in one of the appropriate channels. From there you can link it into the story.

Discord is actually a very good place to upload pictures to…

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Thanks, Martin. I’ll try one of those solutions!