Help me find masc incest fatherson stories with no minors or young adults

Hello, with the beginning of this year i stumbled upon this website to which helped flourish my kink for father son content, strongly<3… though… my biggest trouble is that its a super turn off when the son is younger than 20. As a matter of fact, i only like it when both the dad and son is masculine, hairy, bearish or muscled. My issue lies in how more than often one character is opposite to that, which usually is the son being a twink, and with the rules of this website being a teenager.

This website and nifty are the only ones i know i can get stories from. And the latter is riddled with pedophilia. And this website is meant to have a lot of ‘spiral’ kinks which im not into and

I have the hardest time finding adult father son story
Could you guys please help me find sources of content of my liking? Be it tumblr accounts or what not. Anything is appreciated <3

Sorry for the long text

Have you tried searching the “sister” site Gay Collar Stories? That one focuses less on hypnosis and more on the general power exchange. All you need to do is search for incest or father/son and you should get plenty of results.

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Stacy’s Dad Not exactly incest, but close.