Help me find this story (hypno)

I think the name was “Todd Academy” or something like that. It was about this guy (Todd) taking over a school with his hypnosis powers and the main character (who I think was his cousin) tried to stop him, and obviously failed in the end. It was a really interesting story and I want to reread it but nothing I do to find it works.

It’s called “Slave Academy” by @Swizz

It’s an amazing piece of mind control erotica, but Swizz asked me to remove it from the site for the time being.

Maybe, if you nag him enough, he might decie to bring it back, if only to get rid of all the nagging :slight_smile:


Is @Swizz planning to put up his own website? Or does he want to rework it?

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No website.

Planning to remaster Slave Academy eventually and return it to GSS.

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By the way, I recently returned a previously deleted story to the site after putting a fresh coat of polish (and another two thousand words) on it:

So when I say I’m planning to return these stories to the site, I do mean it. It’s just…a slow process, lol.


Ahhh tysm, I didn’t realize it was removed, I was starting to think I imagined it all lmao. Well I can’t wait till the remaster gets uploaded. Wish I could read it again now but patience shall be my friend till I can. It’s a great story so I commend you on that.

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