Help, please

hello, since yesterday, the homepage of the website, the story part to be precise, does not update, is it a problem to me is is a problem with the website? since yesterday the newest story that appears to me is yesterday’s kinks in space, and the star is still there, what to do?

Edit: not the comments aren’t updating as well

I’m noticing the same problem with my Safari browser on my iPhone.

I suspect that this is a caching issue. Since a couple of days, Cloudflare’s caching is acting up.

I’ve disabled Cludflare’s caching. I’d like to know if that changes anything for you… Please try again. Also please send me a screenshot how your list of stories is looking like.

Thank you!

no, things did not changed, I just tried

Can you please send me a screenshot of the homescreen showing the outdated content?

Okay I tried, tell me if it is good enough

Ok, there are some stories missing, but you also have an active tag filter, that could explain this.

How do you know that the list doesn’t update? Because the green markings showing that there is new content doesn’t get removed?

If that’s the case, the problem is actually these markings. They’re not updating correctly and are currently constantly flashing, no matter if there’s anything new or not. I’m already working on a fix for that.

there is that, and there is one of the story at least one story that was sent today, the part three of the Itereation of the hivemind, that was on the list and is not anymore

Ok, the bug with the indicators is fixed now.

Can you please disable your filters, just to see if the stories are shown correctly then?

And I’d like to know which tag filter you’re using.

my tags are scat, vore and fart, so just one was supposed to be blocked, it seems like it’s working now

it was working normally, but now it’s back to how it was

Strange. Which device are you using?

a notebook

Sorry, I should have looked at your screenshots, of course it’s a Windows desktop. It’s Chrome, right?

I’ve disabled Cloudflare for now. It will take a while to take effect. Let’s see if that’s helping.

yes, it is, thank you for your time and help Martin

when I take away the filters things go back to normal

For me filters work as expected. I.e. in this case only Tom Gungy’s story disappears.

to me, they aren’t

now it is

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