Help With Pictures

I found myself reading through some of Mafisto’s stories, and noticed these little squares where pictures should be. I thought maybe they just weren’t working, but I noticed others in the comments enjoying the pictures…and I feel left out. Also, not just on Mafisto’s stories either, but seems to be all stories with pictures.

Anyone know a fix for this?

Also, I primarily use mobile to read through stories in my downtime, perhaps it is a mobile issue.

Edit: added a screenshot to show the boxes.

Do you have an ad-blocker installed? I’ve had similar issues on other sites and that’s what it was every single time.

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I don’t think so, my ad block in my site settings seems to be off


Can you please post a link to that story so I can check it?

This is the story I used as an example in my first post.

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You’re not alone, I can’t see them either. Can’t help beyond that, but at least Martin will know it’s not just you now.

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No problem, I appreciate your help. Thank you!

I think the problem is that @Mafisto used http:// (non SSL) to link to those images. There is a policy in modern browsers, that prohibits that you can use any assets from non-secured sources on a website which itself uses a secured link (i.e. https: instead of http:).

There’s nothing I can do about this, Mafisto would have to fix his links to point to a secure server.

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Oh ok thanks Martin!

I don’t want Mafisto to have to go through the trouble, I’ll just have to stick my own mental images instead.

It’s slow and tedious, but if you use the Inspect or View Source commands in your browser, you can then see the URL and jump to it.

It doesn’t work if you change http to https either, since has a broken certificate.

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Yes, my Mafistories site needs some love. I’ve been quite busy and will eventually look into it. The certificate must have expired. My browsers must be more tolerant because they do show the pictures.