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I’m working on a new story loosely based on this old hypno story I read either here or on mcstories, but I can’t find the old one. Its about this straight guy who puts subliminal messages into the backgrounds of everyone’s computers at his office, but the only person who stares at his desktop background enough for the subliminals to work is this slacker gay guy. The guy finds out about the subliminals, but he thinks its kinda hot or something, so he lets himself be hypnotized. The two of them eventually meet by chance at the urinals, and slacker guy immediately drops to his knees and sucks off the mind controller.

Has anyone heard of it? I don’t remember the name of the story or the characters, but it’d really help me with the story I’m writing

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@Yourmind123 its Screensaver by ChewToy,

Its an amazing story. Especially as the initator was straight at first.

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Thanks! I’ve been looking for it for so long, I never thought I’d be able to find it! This is really really helpful

@Yourmind123 No problem, glad I could help. Its one all those stories that I knew immediately the moment you described it. It’s one of those stories I remember reading near the beginning of my time in this genre. Its also a super nifty concept on multiple levels. Including the fact that at the start the one who well started it all is a straight guy who wanted to get women. The fact that he became gay to his own actions is very interesting.

Anyway it’s a good story and I hope it helps you develop whatever you writing. :slight_smile:

Such an intense story, indeed! Wow. My dick is hard in my pants! The idea of Dan hypnotizing his master to accept him as his gay slave… SO hot.

Thanks for this pointer!

(I’m jealous! I want this story at GSS! There are not enough stories like this, all these TF stories lately are not really my cup - stories like this are!)


@Martin Oh man, can I second that wish and add I wish that so many recent stories didn’t have dumbing down. Nothing wrong with them its just not my cup of tea.

But yeah this one is like a foundation story idea for me. One I keep coming back to.

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There was a story, not sure if it was ever posted here, that I really enjoyed. It was a movie producer, or casting manager, interviewing a guy who up to that point had only directed Porn. And real freaky, kinky porn with (as far as the casting manager knew) really good special effects budget. Actors turning into Minotaurs or pigmen. Stuff like that.

But it was all real. The guy who was being interviewed could do that and he demonstrates that on the casting manager. The guy was upset with some 3rd party who contacted the casting manager for the interview.

For the life of me, I can’t remember what the story was called or where I found it.

Hey so i was looking for a story, I read it a while back on this website.

The plot was something along the lines that…

There’s this delusional video game player, who had a session with a psychiatrist. The person is convinced he’s in the game and he takes the therapist I think, he insists that he’s a creature that’s releasing pheromones. The patient then is taken away and the psychiatrist to have been affected by what the guy said…

Any takers ?

Read this story long ago, but not sure if it was on this site. The idea was sort of “be careful what you wish for”. 3(?) guys are granted what they wish for, but always in a way that is not at all what they had in mind. The one that I remember was a sporty guy (I think they were all on the same rugby or soccer team) who wanted to be more popular with the other guys on the team. He ends up accidentally giving various of the guys on the team blow jobs – e.g., he stumbles in the shower and saves himself from falling by grabbing another guy’s hips and his face ends up going right into the guy’s crotch. The guy’s cock ends up in his mouth. The original guy is very embarrassed and apologizes, pulling himself off the guy’s cock and trying to stand up, but slips again and ends up swallowing the guy’s cock again. This continues until the guy cums as a result of this sliding his mouth up and down on his cock. There are other such “accidental” blow jobs (maybe even getting fucked by another guy, not sure), until, indeed, he ends up being the most popular guy on the team, as they all are happy for him to get them off, all without the guy ever really wanting to do any of those things. The other two guys’ wishes are similarly fullfilled (but always in some perverse way). I think one of them resulted in the guy who wished it getting hard too often or too large or something like that. Sorry it’s all a little vague, but that “accidental” shower blow job I’m pretty sure of. I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know if it rings a bell.

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It sounds like a ChaoticDjinn or ScreamingMoist story. Maybe search for them?

Thanks. I’ve checked through a number of their stories, but haven’t found it. I’ll keep looking.

Looking for a story about a college professor who hypnotizes a bunch of jocks (I think they might’ve been hockey players?) and makes them take private lessons with him where they wear jockstraps and sit on dildos taped to stools. I’m pretty sure it was told in the first-person perspective of one of the jocks. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? It was really hot

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Update: I found it! It’s called Class by Watchfire. He only wrote the one story and its pretty short, but it turns me on like nothing else. The cum control, the way the teacher expects them to actually pay attention to his lesson while they bounce up and down on a dildo or his cock, the punishments for not answering correctly, etc. Its really really hot!


If anyone was interested, I found the story I was looking for! Practical FX by MuscleMonkeh over at Metabods.

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Hey spiral dudes I am looking for a story which I thought was called “The Straw That Broke The Camels Back”? Something like that. About a guy finding his bf cheating on him. He breaks it off immediately, only to be ensnared by his cheating ex into being slutty. It ends with the guy his ex cheated on him with fucking him.
Thanks RobinHood70 for being me here!

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I believe this is “John is a Very Good Boy” by Hypnonail. It’s one of my favourites, especially the ending. Pity he only ever wrote one story (that I could find).

If you liked that, would also recommend “The Secret Of My Success” by Webb025, which has a very similar theme/plot. It’s equally as hot.


Holy crap, thank you so much! I’ve been looking for that story forever!

I thought there were more parts to a happy accident. Anyone know where I can fine the other parts?

It looks like they’ve been consolidated into the one big parts. If you scroll down, you’ll see the headings “Part 2” etc.

I know I’ve read another chapter of the story Happy accident outside of the two that are posted. Does anyone know where I can find it?