Hi and hello from ChaoticDjinn

Just thought I would say hello now that i’ve joined the ranks of those who do more than just lurk and read the stories on The Spiral. I’ve been visiting this site and the Cyoc for countless years but only really started to be active in being a part of the creative side of things this past year.

I have always loved pretty much any story in this genre that deals with magic, curses or world warping in any way, and tend to write in that genre. Although i’m still not super confident in my writing I do strive to do better each time I post a story and hope at least some of you guys like what I put out there.

I’m usually in front of my computer so if anyone wants to chit chat, talk about their favourite types of transformations, give me feed back or just whatever i’m almost always down to chit chat.


I love you writing! reality change and straight to gay are two of my favorites!

Thanks so much. I’ve always loved the reality change and magic/wish style stories myself so i guess it’s a matter of write what you know/love, lol.

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