Hi I'm Juliet and I will be your friend this evening

Talk to me, tell me stuff. What’s been going on in your life? Anything good? Anything bad? Need insight into the female mind? Just eat a really good slice of pizza? Tell me.

I’ll start. The player I created on The Show 18 is batting .135, because I fucking suck at this game, it turns out. I got it a couple days ago. I feel bad for him because I almost feel like he’s a real person and I’m just fucking up his shit. RIP. Pray for my fictional boy.

Call Juliet. My thing is I have so many freaking ideas floating through my head that I can’t write any of them. :slight_smile:

Which makes it even worse because I have a massive (as in over 700,000 words) fanfiction that I’m 12 sections from finishing and I can’t make myself finish it because of all the ideas floating through my head.

Wow, that’s long. Holy cannoli.

Good luck getting some ideas out. I find sometimes it’s therepeutic to sit down and just quickly type out something really short, then delete it. That usually gets me a little more motivated.

Whoa that’s a ton of words. Congrats on the achievement so far!

I always have like a dozen or so stories on the go. When I get too far into my head, I always try to just get something written. Doesn’t matter what.

Back to Juliet’s topic - yeah, there’s something fun I’m playing with. I saw someone do an interactive story on GSS a few days ago, and I ended up looking up the software they used to make it, and it’s actually pretty do-able… so I’m writing this mess of an interactive right now. Hoping that there’ll be some way to post it here.

It’s super fuckin’ nerdy, but I’ve got a spreadsheet with all the different endings and how you get to em and everything.

No pizza for me last night. Gymnastics practice. I think I gotta add leg lifts to my gym routine - my lower abs are super weak and it’s impacting my pikes.

What’s The Show 18?

Oh yeah, I saw the interactive one too. Decent story. I’ve thought about it as well, but I decided… nah. Honestly, I write my stories for my own enjoyment, and I already know where I want it to go. I feel like it’d be too complicated to figure out all these different scenarios. And don’t worry… I don’t think you’re nerdy.

I wish I were in better shape, but I’ve been stuck with an IV in for the past few weeks and I haven’t been able to exercise. I get it off in a few more weeks, so once that happens I’m probably going to resume my gym routine. I’ve been losing weight recently, I went from 26 BMI to 23. I’m still not exactly slim, but hopefully I’m getting there.

It’s a baseball game for the PS4. You can do a bunch of different things on it, sim games and play as a manager of a team, create your own player, etc. I played as the Baltimore Orioles manager for a couple simulated seasons to see if I could get them a winning record, since this year they were considered the worst team in all of sports. I eventually succeeded, but to be fair I was playing fantasy mode, so I drafted fucking Babe Ruth and shit.

I’m actually really liking it cause it’s an excuse to write a bunch of little scenes.

So - baseball players aren’t my thing. What gets you fired up about them?

I have a genuine love for the sport, and I think it just sort of happened from there. I like attractive men, and baseball has lots of those, trust me. I like the uniforms too. Here are my favorite players :smile:

PS. Each word is a different link!

Baseball isn’t especially popular here in Europe, but certainly the guys who play baseball are usually very sexy. I wish more baseball and American football were played here :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: hahahaha.

Oh, I know a tool for writing interactive stories, Twine. I tried to write an interactive story with this, but it’s hard to use because I don’t know HTML language.