"His Last Hypnosis Show" by EdIam

Well, well, well…
…another STANDOUT story from the incredibly talented EdIam!!!

Truly, this is one of the best I’ve read in quite some time. I’ve found myself returning to it on multiple occasions. With no disrespect meant towards the rest of the series (and no judgement towards the different topics in those chapters, which simply aren’t to my liking), I must say I was thrilled by the chapter “His Last Hypnosis Show”. It’s brilliant even as a standalone story.

Highlights: It deals with the sexy jock Grant, who is seemingly a good guy, but benefits greatly from a slight attitude adjustment regarding his views on experimenting with other men. Much to his surprise, and dick-inflating delight, he soon learns his good buddy Jon has, like himself, recently taken up an interest in hypnosis. Fun, fun, fun! For me to be able to really embrace a story, the induction methods, and the pacing of the induction scenes have to be of the highest quality – and (as usual) EdIam scores a perfect 5/5 in this area!

BEST PARTS: The subjects are wholly unaware of the situation. That is gold, in my opinion. This, plus the fantastic trigger phrase “I’m your personal hypnotist” are wonderful nods to “Web of Trust”, as you noted in your intro. The “Web of Trust” series is, without dispute, an absolute masterwork! In fifteen years of reading hundreds of tales of gay hypno erotica, I can say “Web of Trust” is in my top five favorite stories/series of all time. So it was very cool to see yourself and @RobinHood70 get to comment on and enjoy each other’s work.

Thanks for this story, @EdIam. I hope you are well, and I’m very excited to see what you dream up next!

– Alex


Then you’ll be even more thrilled to hear that we’re working on a collaboration! :slight_smile: It’s just a one-off story, not a huge series or anything, but I think it works well for bringing out the best in each of our styles.


WHOA! You’re right – thrilled is certainly the word. That’s some excellent news as I get ready for my day. Can you possibly tease the topic, or is it top secret at the moment? Regardless of the nature of the tale, I’m certain I’ll be reading it as soon as it’s released!

I can’t say much without giving away story points. The general idea is that two guys meet up for coffee, but things don’t quite turn out as expected.

It’s an old, unfinished story that I had hanging around. The idea was originally inspired by Chris Wood, when he joined the cast of Vampire Diaries in 2014, though I didn’t actually get around to writing it until much later. I recently shared my collection with Edlam, and he found the story and took a liking to it. He asked if I was planning on finishing it some day. I only had a few minor tidbits of ideas beyond what I’d already written, though—I’d never taken the idea beyond those first couple of scenes. Edlam had ideas for where it should go, so I suggested that he take it over and write the rest.

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Ahhh I see… I’m certainly intrigued!

I have heard from other writers that those “orphan” stories can occasionally be turned into something magnificent. All it takes is for some new inspiration to strike – or in this case, a second set of eyes to give it a fresh look.

I’m not familiar with the actor Chris Wood, nor his character on The Vampire Diaries. I had to look him up. He’s cute. I enjoyed the first few seasons of TVD, but then the high school drama (and doppelgänger-palooza plot) became a bit tedious. However I Iove the supernatural genre, so I switched over to the MUCH more smartly written The Originals. Frankly, I felt the Mikaelson siblings were much more capable of carrying a series.

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Just getting around to getting caught up on my hypno erotic updates and was thrilled to see this amazing compliment! Robin had sent me a message saying I’d received it, but hadn’t had the opportunity to respond (I’m a nurse and so, right now, it’s a bit of an intense schedule I’ve been working). But I have to say thank you for such amazingly kind words! I know I’m kind of a slow grind of an author and have many unfinished stories I’m still planning on working through, Retirement being one of them. But also working on this colab with Robin! The only real hint I’ll give out is the title: Motivational Speaker.


i just searched for “His Last Hypnosis Show” among edlams stories, and i dont see such a story. I am into hypnosis shows, so i am curious. Could someone post a link, please?

I’m not sure why you couldn’t see it. It’s definitely there and I don’t see any tags that would cause it to be hit by the safety filter. Anyway, here’s the link:

If you search for a story title, or a phrase, make sure to enclose it in quotation marks in the search.

If you want to search for a story’s title specifically, you can also prepend the search with the prefix “name:” like this:

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Thank you! I am not sure how i searched last time. This time i noitced that it does not work with single quotes like ', it has to be doubel quotes like "

Correct! That’s the Elastic Search (the search engine we’re using) syntax.

The “Hints for Searching” link on the top right of the dialog should lead to a page giving you all the dirty details :slight_smile:

Hi, I was wondering if you will continue the “retirement” series .
I would love to see the next step for Grant and Tim in addition to their puppeter.

I’m just really bad at continuing stories, as many of my long time readers know. But I do have a game plan in mind for Retirement, as well as for Re-Educator, another chapter of Joey/Daddy/Cockslut, and even a new one of the Jerry demon stories. Right now, however, I’m working on a sequel to I Think… as well as working on a new story with a friend as well as contemplating continuing Perfectly Normal lol…as you can see, I got a lot of plans, but little time to do it!

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I can see that.
Don’t worry, since there were no update for a long time, I was just wondering if the series was on hold or canceled.
I’ll wait and see. :wink:

Thanks so much for this! I’ve been trying to do strict title search for years.