Does anyone else like the idea of a gay guy hypnotising a hot married guy and stealing him from his wife? Making the idea of sex with his wife a complete turn off for him


Yeah I like that. I think there must be at least 50 such stories on this website… :wink:

I’ve had the idea of a guy who slowly hypnotizes his way through the family who live next door to him: he befriends and seduces the husband for obvious reasons, and then he hypnotizes the wife and kids to keep them under control: maybe just to convince them that everything is normal, and/or stop them from spilling the beans about his affair with the husband. Maybe the last scene/chapter is him meeting the jock son who has been off at college for the duration of the story, and then hypnotizes him for a threeway with the husband.


I think I will incorporate something into my Tommy the Twink series, where he seduces his hot straight married neighbour away from his wife


Love it!

like that idea a great deal, i have said this before and i know what others think, but also like idea of a gay man turning straight

Really? Id say that’s one of my biggest turnoffs. Anything involving str8 sex or gay men turning str8 makes me :face_vomiting:

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I think I can see that idea. But if used on this site, I think a good use of it would be as revenge for some character defect.

i remember reading a story years ago, about a guy who was obsessed about a rough guy, follows him but instead of having sex with him, he gets turned straight had kids etc, as i say its not everyone things, but i found the story very arousing

Yes to show him what he has truly been missing and that as time goes on he forgets he actually had a straight life much to the wifes evident distress


Ah, I really like that - forgetting that he had a straight life. :slight_smile:

Hope you can come up with that would enjoy the initial confusion and the eventual total rejection oh his past

It’s been a while since I’ve replied in this thread but I’m still looking for a really hot story of an evil gay twink who goes after masculine married men and seduces them into fucking him. Stealing them from their wives. Also love the idea of the Twink being really nasty as the married man fucks him and getting him to say his ass is so much better than pussy.


I had a fun little throw-away idea over on discord about a duel between two powerful mind controller/transformers - one who keeps making straight men into slutty twinky bottoms and the other who keeps turning straight guys into handsome muscular jocks.

When they finally meet in a showdown and turn their powers against one another the ensuing backlash leaves them both straight.

maybe i shouldn’t but i like stories where a guy guy is turn straight

I don’t think I’d ever write that in a story, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t. If something is hot to you, then there are bound to be others out there who will also find it hot.

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So I’m not into the gay to straight stuff. Any writing that has sexual stuff with women is one of my main turnoffs.

I really like the idea of a nasty evil twink talking bad about the straight guys wife as he rides and milks him and the straight husband so overcome with pleasure that he agrees and repeats it.

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I have similar interests, though not quite the same. I like the idea that the hypnotist is subconsciously prejudicing the subject against their girlfriend/wife. Like they’re just not “the one” so there’s no point in continuing to date them, or maybe the cutesy annoying things just become outright annoying, and even things that they liked about the person—whether physical or emotional—are just somehow imperfect and therefore not good enough…that sort of thing.