Homo Erectus Shared Universe rules

I’m just de-lurking for a bit as I’ve been writing MC again after a long break

I have just started a story series ‘Homo Erectus’ (which so far has 4 chapters ready to drip feed out).
I figure I’ll throw it open for others to play writer in this universe. My one caveat is that I’ll try to keep editorial control/direction to some extent.

What if being Gay worked like Pokemon …the gay form is the ‘evolved version’. What if the Ultimate Boss level is the Gay Queen and what if there’s a new one, the first in 300 years_ (who doesn’t know the rules)

Universe Rules:
a gay Queen is telepathic able to use a psionic sting to create instant gay mindset, his mind leaks ‘gay radiation’ sit too close for too long and you’re fagged. The Queen can (via sex) create any of the gay subspecies. Extremely long lived only 23 in the world. Queen’s cum has ‘magical’ properties (undefined). Queen’s names are NAME-Queen eg Myangel-Queen

The Queen’s followers are called a Court.

Anyone becoming Gay feels compelled to go by a new name or actively dissociates from previous persona.

naturally gay… some people are naturally LGBT and will spontaneously evolve called ‘coming out’. They are innately more powerful and archetypal.

straights tend to need a ‘makeover’ of some sort

Most gay species are nude at all times using illusion powers instead of regular clothes. They find clothes actively uncomfortable.

Normal reality exists in the same way it does in harry potter. Rumour at the Gym that the gays have a muscle-booster that the Olympics can’t detect! (they do! sort of!)

Gay species can makeover a straight into their own species through prolonged seduction (or in some cases via a special ability)

Cottages and Cruising grounds are ‘consecrated ground’…rituals and fun not yet defined

Sub Species written so far:
Femboi - Have fur that can be mistaken for striped socks from ankle to upper thigh, extremely FEM acting, prefer illusions of feminine attire eg sexy-french-maid, extremely focused on sex and housework, not smart, not safe to leave unsupervised. no balls…don’t send them shopping!

Finnish Tom - Skin below the waist is black leather, muscular, the Queen’s guards

Twink - Young looking, but with one example at least 250 years old. Specialize in oral with an exceptionally long and versatile tongue.

Marine-boy - Your basic merman, the extreme makeover burns away nearly all of the old persona, shy, siren-like singing voice has telekinetic control of ‘his water’ able to create transparent watery duplicates. Extreme lack of land-based knowledge. Can only be killed by by a bullet dipped in the bilge water of a locally flagged fishing boat.

Superhero (naked) - Your basic alpha male superhero with permanent bodypaint - exact powers undefined.

Bi - as its LGBT no one is immune… its unclear if Bi is a name or a species. Currently its a pair of twin butch lesbians who are the most dangerous fighters in play. Can cause a male to turn Futinari very quickly

Futinari - Cock, tits and pussy… the only one so far with an even more one track mind than a femboi

As yet undefined sub-species Bear, Gym-bunny. Sauna-sitter, Gimp etc etc

As yet undefined characters - The Daddy(villiain Thanos’ish), Mistress-Queen a rival (probably lesbian),

(one of the inspirations is the Wiki 's ‘Mall-tarts’ series that is on this site someplace ) - I choose to assume its same universe - unofficially