How did it all start for you?

I’ll admit that I’m someone who’s naturally curious about people’s sexual fetishes lol. That being said, I have a few ice breaker style questions for you guys if you feel like discussing…

-how (or when) did you realize that you have a mind control fetish?

-What category/categories does it mostly tend to fall under? (Alien, hypnosis, drugged, pheromone, ect)

-why do you think it turns you on?


My first time was as a kid, watching the BATMAN TV show – not in its first run (I’m not THAT old!). Marcia, Queen of Diamonds, does the whammy on Robin, who falls madly in love with her, willing to obey her every command – even fight Batman!

My wee penis LOVED that episode…


For me, it started with The Jungle Book- little Paradox didn’t know why he liked Kaa, but boy did he! Then there was the Static Shock episode with Starro: the flashback scene when Superman gets possessed by Starro and the scene of the rest of the Justice League getting possessed. The Venom episodes from the 90s Spider-Man cartoon get honorable mention, and then there was an episode of Samurai Jack that I think helped cement my preference for “power at a price” motifs in mind control stories.


I discovered it when my parents took me to a hypno show when I was a kid, maybe 4 or 5. It was at some new years celebration festival, and there were a lot of little things going on, one of which was a hypno show. If I recall, I asked to go, and they took me. It didn’t really work on most of the people, but there was one woman who fell totally under (supposedly) and I loved watching her. That night I remember falling asleep wondering what it would be like to be a real life hypnotist. Then it all spiraled from there, lol, pun intended.

Which categories… I like oblivious transformations, and I also like ones where a guy’s very personality is turned upside down. I have a particular kink for straight-laced, honorable, even prudish guys becoming insatiable gay sluts - ashamed at what they’ve become, but unable to stop seeking out cock at every given opportunity. Miserable at what’s happened, but this is his life now…

It turns me on because of the immense power it affords me. All my non-hypno kinks revolve around the same theme. For me, it’s always been power.


-I’ve had a hypnosis fetish my entire life. I knew from around the time I started jerking off that hypnosis scenes functioned in the same way as porn for me. However, it was not until I got into college and become more cultured that I learned it was a fetish.
-My favorite types of scenes are ones that involve traditional hypnosis (watching a spiral, pocket watch, etc), mass hypnosis through technology, sleeper agents being activated, and possessions…but not comedic possessions…I like the ones that are used for nefarious reasons. I also really love ‘hypno eyes’ or anything that shows us the subject is obviously hypnotized.
-Finally, it turns me on thinking about how someone can have that level of control over me and/or me over them.

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I’ve known I liked mind control before I knew what gay or fetish meant. A lot of the guys my age seemed very into women, but it didn’t really make sense to me.

I always remember being fascinated by mind control storylines. There’s an episode of Star Trek TNG called “The Game” that really stuck in my mind, where the crew gets brainwashed by aliens using a mind control device posing as a game.

I also watched a lot of the late '80’s TV series “War of the Worlds” – one episode I really remember is where some college students are playing a fantasy game, one of them (a jock of course) is taken over by an alien and goes a little crazy when he’s exposed to a bioweapon that he’s trying to steal.

If hypnosis happened to a hot guy on a TV show, I was there for it. I didn’t even really know that being gay was a thing, but I knew I liked guys wearing tanktops and when you combined that with a dumb guy getting mind controlled, I couldn’t resist. I watched a lot of science fiction growing up, and I don’t know if that was cause or consequence. I also watched a lot of music videos, because I was a teenager during the boyband era and a lot of the videos seemed to revolve around transforming or being caught and made to do something.

I found my first porn when I was 14 and I googled “hypnotized jock”, which landed me at this story: The Hypnotized Jock

It wasn’t long until I was reading ONIX and a bunch of others. I remember memorizing the url so that I didn’t have to bookmark it. In a lot of ways, my ideas about what ‘gay’ is come from ONIX stories.

Early on, I was all about hypnosis, but ONIX’s stories cemented in my love of magical transformation.

I think it turns me on because it has something to do with losing control. I’ve always been a fairly uptight person compared to my peers, and I think I like the idea of being made to lose control and behave in the less inhibited ways I’ve always dreamed about.


I think the first mind control story that really hooked me was “Cigar Monitor” by E. S. Morwood. The first two chapters were on MaelstromX’s site, and I remember how ecstatic I was when I found the whole story posted over on MCStories. Here’s a link, if you haven’t read it. Cigar Monitor

Beyond that, it was Piercedskin, ONIX, and a lot of perusing, bellybuilders and sites like that. The mind control was always secondary to the transformation stuff, in all honesty. Just gotta make 'em sit still long enough for the changes to start, you know?


Hahaha. I love that mentality. I find transformation is sexiest with mind control added as spice. A change of body is always best with a change of mind to go with it :wink:

Oh for sure, the two of them certainly go hand in hand! Hard to have one without the other. For some guys, the control is the main ingredient through, and I’ve never been that way. Just enough to confuse, distract, muddy the waters, until it’s far too late to avert what’s happening to you. Then, you watch them struggle, which is the best part.


You took the words right outta my mouth!, malstromx and were my introduction to all things muscle growth, cigar / pipe stories, and masculinization.

My main fetishes are cigars and muscle growth. I very distinctly remember being quite young and being enraptured by a bearded, hairy, extremely built man smoking a cigar at a horse track on vacation. I think of that man often!


I was walking down the magazine aisle at the grocery store and stopped to stare at a body building magazine for what felt like hours, but was probably just a few minutes. Started looking up bodybuilders online, discovered what a bear was, and whoops, here I am.


I certainly didn’t perceive it as a fetish at the time, but when I was a little kid, I distinctly remember the impact of the Gilligan’s Island episode with the witch doctor who made voodoo dolls of all the castaways. Among other things, he remotely tickled Skipper and Gilligan by tickling the dolls’ feet with a feather and then gave all the castaways a hot foot by running a lit match under the dolls’ feet. That is probably also the start of my noncon tickling fetish.

There was a Japanese tokusatsu tv series named “Chōjin Sentai Jetman”. Chōjin Sentai Jetman

In an episode there was a dimension beast converted from a sewing machine, it forced people to wear the clothes it created and their personality would be changed to suit what they wear. The first victim was a security guard who converted to a hitman. The other victims were converted to ninjas and pirates, became violence and fight for the evil guys.
In another episode, a Japanese armor converted beast forced a hero from another world to wear itself. The hero’s mind and body were taken over and became an evil soldier to fight against his wife.

I was a kid and didn’t understand what fetish means, but a “special feeling”. People be completely converted by the clothes or armor, I don’t know why it turns me on, it just happened.

Sorry my English is not so good:p


I can trace my fascination with hypnosis and mind control back to junior high. If I had to pin it to something specific I would say it was the cartoon Sprial Zone. I’ve mentioned it in some of my other postings, but this cartoon involved mind control and yet had a serious storyline. It left such an impact on me I made sure I got a copy of the series when a fan was able to convert a VHS stack from one of the animators to DVD. (It is something I’m planning on writing a long work centered around it.) Spiral Zone made me aware of my fascination with mind control and when I spotted it in various storylines I started to get aroused.

The thing that intrigues me about hypnosis and mind control is what things are like for the person under control. I think that’s one thing that drives my writing. Trying to create what it is like for a person under mind control, especially if they were willing to go under. Nowadays the control fetish has started to intersect with my clothing fetish as uniforms are a major thing that often appears in my stories. But they go with mind control as they show outwardly the control. I’m also a denim head and that also began in junior high school. I’ve at times felt synergy between the two; one particular moment was seeing the Transformers Ultimate Doom episodes. Seeing Sparkplug and the other hypno-slaves march out in their brown work shirts, blue jeans and yellow wellington boots was a turn-on. I wasn’t sure I would be able to write a story combining denim and mind control, but recently reading the Red Adidas provided some inspiration.


My kinks trend more toward control and body mods, especially non-consensual body mods. (Both consensual non-consent, and just non-consensual.)

I can trace my kinks all the way back as a kid to TV shows, although I didn’t think of it that way at the time.
absman420’s comment on the Batman TV show reminded me of an episode where one of the villians dehydrated their henchmen into powder to be reconstituted later. I always wondered what that’d feel like.

There was this Australian TV show where a young girl befriends a Kola bear and in one episode the girl is all upset that she isn’t pretty enough, so the bear takes some magical clay, sculpts a mold of a famous Kola bear entertainer, and then has the girl put her face into the mold, and her face changes into a Kola bear. The girl is terrified of this change.

I also remember a cartoon of some variety where there was this alien space ship which would take people and partially convert them into machines. There was this one where three guys walked into the machine, then came out with motor-unicycle wheels for their bottom half, and two of the guys were attached to the third, as subs in some way.

Finally, theres the Star Wars movie where Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite. My first wet dream was a riff off of that.

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Oh, and I also forgot, when I got a bit older, I became fascinated with BME, Body Modification Ezine, and how it’d feel to look different with tattoos, implants, piercings, etc…

Oddly, I’m 40 and I don’t have any tattoos, and the few piercings I have had have been removed.

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There’s a lot of hypnosis in the tokusatsu shows. The first time I saw Dairanger in Japan I saw that in a few episodes. They are good for working hypnosis into the storyline well.

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I think my earliest hypno-related memory came from watching E.T. - the part where E.T. and Elliot had some kind of mind link, so Elliot was feeling ET’s emotions when they were watching a romance movie. In the movie ET was watching, the two characters kiss and it makes Elliot feel the urge to kiss a classmate. I was like 5 years old at the time, and had no idea what I was feeling but I was fascinated lol. I think Elliot was also my first crush (again I was 5 years old), but I’m not sure if the crush came before or after the mc stuff.

After that, in no particular order, the things I can remember are Molly Moon, Batman & Robin (Poison Ivy’s kisses), Baby Geniuses, Jungle Book, John Tucker Must Die, Harry Potter. I remember when I discovered masturbation, I didn’t realize for several months that it was a sex-related thing, and I was masturbating to fantasies about Molly Moon’s hypnosis - not even sexual related really, just like trances and stuff.

Interestingly I think my interest in hypno has waned significantly over the years. I was never super into controlling others - I think hypno just offered a “safe” environment for me to unpack my feelings towards men. Like, somehow fantasizing about someone getting hypnotized to undress or get hard… for a time (to closeted, middle school me) that felt more accessible than thinking about just plainly having gay sex. I didn’t have to fully navigate ideas like coming out (even to myself), not knowing if the other guy was gay and if they would like me, or even being concerned about if the other guy would like it - he would because its hypnosis. Plus there was a period of a couple years where I didn’t really even have sexual thoughts (I was a kid after all) - for a while fantasizing about a muscular guy taking off his shirt or pants was enough for me.

Once I got older, hypno to control people became less interesting to me, but I became a lot more interested in submission, so my interest in hypno became a lot more about the fantasy of losing control. I think that fantasy comes from a root desire of just wanting to be taken care of, or to be less stressed out. I fantasize about wanting a simple life where the only thought in my mind is sex and I don’t have to make any decision - I just have to listen to my top and I will enjoy it. I don’t have to care about being degraded because I’ve given up all ties to a society with constructs that would make me feel degraded - all that matters is getting that itch scratched. I also just love the physical pleasure of bottoming. I wish I could be constantly turned on, constantly clean and ready, and just have sex constantly… but the bummer reality is that I’m not always in the right mood, BMs get in the way sometimes, and my partner is a real human who physically cannot rail me for hours a day lol. And I’m also a real person with a job who gets exhausted. And like I guess there are other things I enjoy in life besides sex :stuck_out_tongue: So I think often my fetishes are not all that different from fantasy in general - just wanting to be placed into a worry-free situation with constant pleasure, particularly when I’m juggling a lot of stress.