How do you incorporate mc/tf into your real sex life?

I have an amazing partner, and when I finally opened up to him about my mc/tf fetish, he was very accepting and willing to try and incorporate this into our sex life. But now, I’m struggling to figure out how we we would do that.

I have a particular interest in personality change, jock tf, masculinization, and straight to gay. Not so much of a master/slave, dom/sun situation.

How have you all incorporated your mc/tf fetish into your real, physical sex life? How do you prep your partner for a good role play? Any ideas?

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So, now and again I’ve incorporated some fantasies into the real world with my partner, and well done for having the courage to discuss it with your partner.

Personally, I’ve found some things translate better than others, and some parts work better on the page, but don’t let that discourage you from trying.

Obviously, your mileage will vary, but because I don’t particularly get into the induction side of things, for me it’s more “motivation” if that makes sense. Because effectively, I’m the “after” in this situation. So for the motivation, it’s not that I want to be dressed in just a jock, socks and a cap to work out in, it’s that I was compelled to and there’s just no way to be comfortable unless I am. And then I just can’t resist whatever comes next.

For now I am afraid to incorporate it into the real world, but it’s time to do it

hey the best time to start to incorporate anything of it