How many tags are too many?

Some of these stories are… sporting 20~40 hash tags.

Isn’t that… kinda stupid?

Like really? This story is about 30-something things? it deals substantially, with 30 or different MAIN themes, in this short story?

Should the powers that be put up a thing like “your story has ‘X’ tags already, please try not to take-the-piss and render searching-by-tag-filtering pointless”


Is this about me

I actually was wondering about that when I tagged my story but I’ve always been a more is more kind of guy lmaooo

I can’t speak for the OP, but I’ve seen many people put a lot of tags on their stories, and other people who will come along and add tags to other people’s stories (sometimes completely inappropriate ones). So, even if someone starts with only a few tags, they may come back later to find that there are now a lot more.

I didn’t write it about anyone in particular.
But while I have you, do you use loads of tags? and if so why?

I noticed the search function is kinda… made redundant if you tag a million things even the most insignificant aspect of your story. I mean, wouldn’t it defeat the point of making your story find-able by those people who are interested in a particular fetish or scenario?

Lets say I have a ‘Foot’ fetish and I search for “feet”
the result might throw up 12 stories about guys being hypnotized to maybe kiss or rub someone’s feet, maybe some people being transformed into feet, people being walked on or worn as TF shoes, etc etc,

But those 12 stories might be strewn amongst 671 stories that have a single sentence about someones foot.

I’d be pissed off having to wade through the treacle pond of crap that isn’t “about” what I searched for, at least enough to justify the tag.

Does that make sense, or am I looking at it wrong?

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I guess I might be wrong, actually. It looks a lot worse than it is since this is actually like 5 stories slapped into a series. I generally try to tag things that I think are relevant to the series and avoid overlap. As far as overdoing it, I guess it really depends on how important someone thinks an aspect of their story is? (Or they want it to show up in every search even if it isn’t relevant)

Speaking of what Robinhood mentioned, could you not simply remove extraneous tags from a story if you thought they didn’t belong? It ends up being more subjective, but it’s probably better for an over-tagger to get some outside feedback on their tagging habits.

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Using tags make it easier to find stories. Some tags like “male on male sex” are so generic, that you could attach it to pretty much all stories.

A huge number of tags doesn’t look that good, especially on mobile phones.

For me, it’s up to the author to find the proper balance.

I still have the feature that allows the author to lock the tag list (so it can’t be changed by users anymore) on my list of things to do. And it will come, it’s just a matter of time :slight_smile:

In such a diverse series, I’d recommend avoiding generic tags (like “fucking” or “cum”) and concentrate on the more specific tags like “interracial” or “infection”, which really separate your story from others. Think about what a user might look for and would then find in your story.

@ all:
Do you think I should add an upper limit for the number of tags?


I like how, if you write a new tag (like make up a new tag), the system actually lets you, but warns you that it IS a new tag, and warns against using too many unjust new tags.

I would suggest something like, after maybe 5,6,7 tags, you get a “woah! you might be over-generalizing. please choose tags that are central to your story’s theme/avoid excessive tagging of incidental stuff” But, it still lets you put all the tags you wish.


I have come across a few stories where I have removed tags which I felt were tangential or totally irrelevant (a good orgasm is not #mindcontrol).

Perhaps there should be a short document explaining what tags are, how they work, and what is and what is not appropriate?

As someone who deals with taxonomies in my professional life, the general consensus is: “less is more” - that is, the fewer but accurate tags you have, the better the search engine will function.

You know what’s gonna happen now, don’t you @nycboot? :wink:

You’d do me a great favor with writing that document… :smile:

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I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:

(Reminds me of part of a song from the 1932 cartoon BETTY BOOP FOR PRESIDENT:
Now if you have a sister,
and want a brother too,
tell Ma and Pa to vote for me
I’ll see what I can do!)

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