Hypnosis but more on romance, less life ruining.

Does anyone know a story that does not include life domination and life ruining stuff but focuses more on classic fun hypnosis romance?

I remember some romantic hypnosis stories, they certainly exist.

And I’m sure some of our resourceful users will find and link them here, right guys? :wink:

One good way is the search function.

In this link


I’ve set up a search for stories in the ‘hypnosis’ category which were tagged with either ‘love’ or ‘romance’. That’s a good point to start.

I’m sure there are more though, because tagging is not Fail-Safe.

I’ve got one I started work on that I wanna get back to at some point, but I realized partway through that I’d made the start of it a bit too much like Latter Days, so if I ever go back to it, I’ll have to figure out a different beginning.

So I have long thought that it would be hard for a person to have a true, real relationship with someone they hypnotized to love them. Which is why I I think most such relationships are clearly master-pet, dom-sub rather than boyfriends/partners.

But it does lead to me having the idea of two gay men getting into a relationship first before adding the hypnosis element to it. If one adds that the other partner remembers what happens when hypnotized then the equality remains.

Of course I would probably add other brought into the sex fun through the one guy’s ability at hypnosis.

On ruining life, yeah I agree. To me the power and fun of hypnosis is to bring the other person towards happiness at the submission while also letting them still have a life when not called to serve and submit. The idea of controlling say a cop or businessman or doctor who on a day to day level they live normal lives with work and friends and family but then they get called to submit, is hot to me.

I have one called “Getting Anthony”. Watch and the first chapter will be posted in a few days. I’ll send the first in today.