Hypnosis & Mind Control videos

Just a heads up about TheHypnoScript

The site seemed so promising with its hot guys but a $10 video of a guy sitting down and standing up and doing nothing else was so disappointing.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing from there


I’ve been keeping an eye on them but $10 for 3-4 minutes of just a guy home alone, pantomiming being hypnotized in front of a webcam with no real context or story doesn’t really sell me.
The Ethan videos seem a little more promising and slightly better priced though, so I might be tempted to try one of them if I get the urge to spend money. :laughing:

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Very high quality previews. Some hypno, a lot of gut-punching, some drugging. The models are definitely well-built and handsome. The acting is only so-so, but not as bad as some. The stripper-cop is absurd though, I wish they had not used such a cheap costume.

John_Doe’s link above is from that same site as TheHypnoScript videos, they’re all on that Gumroad thing.

And honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a site with a more insane value proposition. Those prices for single videos of non-sexual content make even the most gratuitously priced OnlyFans accounts look reasonable. And you can’t even download your purchase? It’s hard to make Clips4Sale look good but they’re doing it.

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The previews I linked are also offered as streaming only. Personally I wouldn’t buy them if I can’t download them.

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If anyone wanted to see more of the Dip Azlip videos, I found three more unlisted videos I found:

This video is a close up shot of a session he did with a firefighter. Nothing too grandiose but lots of shots of the firefighter zonked out.

Before the video, he hypnotized a random jogger and had him remove his shoes and socks. In the video, he puts the guy under a few times, sprawled out on the grass, makes the guy forget everything that happened under hypnosis, make him give the hypnotist his email and phone number, tickle the camera guy, and act like a chicken.

Here he hypnotizes a Lyft driver. The video starts with the driver out, the hypnotist giving him the command “Freeze” to turn into a robot that will answer “Yes master” to any order given (while giving him eye checks). He then hypnotizes him to forget everything that happened and how much time has past, then ends by having the driver ask for the hypnotist’s phone number to go under again.



I know that the hypno from manup films can be disappointing but Brian Bonds is kind of irresistible in any film. :drooling_face: