Hypnotic Triggers

I was wondering what people’s favourite hypnotic triggers were; glowing eyes, pheromones, touch, voice, drugs, etc.

I feel like this is an underappreciated aspect of writing but is crucial to my enjoyment. It needs to tangible yet erotic, fantasy but grounded and believable.

What are you’re thoughts, which are underused and do you have any original ones you haven’t seen before?

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Pheromones. Nanites (or similar).

But everything else is also fine. Just the good old spiral is… well… kinda old.

(Except when it’s used in a site’s title :slight_smile: )

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I like traditional hypnosis because it takes time to take over a person’s mind. The only story I recall that has a decent amount of verbal trancing is Sinister Intentions, in particular chapter 8.

Beyond that, my favorite seems to be eyes. One story where the eyes aren’t overplayed is The Mysterious Mr. Mercer. (I’m also working on one where the eyes are the key to mind control.)

Magical things like glowing eyes actually turn me off. I prefer audio loops, repetition, guided induction, that sort of thing.


Dear t.k it would have to start with the voice then the eyes after your under??. The one for me would be looking at a website and see a link, do you wish to (???)
and up pops a scene with some talking to you and they suggest that you put on the headphone to better listen and your camera

Probably cock or muscle at the moment but I am fine with any.

Common innocuous but sexual. Visual or phrase
And depend on what it triggers
A loading jingle makes you more trusting of someone?
A color to motivate exercise or diet. Speed for hookup/attraction?
And so on

Depends on the kind of story I’m writing. I like some good ol subliminal messaging and supernatural things like possession and ESP. Maybe I should experiment with a few different kinds of triggers but I just have a tendency for the more invasive/insidious.

Absolite favorite is pheromones or a smell/stink/scent making people suggestible even exerting complete control making the subject lose their minds. Cocktail of drugs/medicines or hormones to alter the person’s mind and induce change in the body. Bodily fluids (ie sweat, cum, ect) could be direct or mixed into food or otherwise.

It should come as no surprise as some of my favorite triggers:

drone, nanites, rubber, latex, alien, symbiote, mind wipe


Welcome! Great Avatar pic, btw :wink:

Thanks Martin. I only wish I was really rubberized in a Tron suit.

Interesting question. Having an underwear fetish myself, I would like to see behavior triggers which happen when certain colors of briefs are pulled on. That would allow “wearer” to be affected without knowing how they are being affected.


I really like that idea. What sort of behavioral changes did you have in mind?

Heh, like an enforced hanky code but with underwear?

Whatever a hypnotist has mind for me. Afterall, I don’t know whats going on right? :slight_smile:

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That may be true but a turn on for me would be the hypnotist makes the victim see’s what he is doing but unable to stop . a loving husband as the sexual toy having to service his wife’s lover you could tell it from his side as the cock get near to his hand or mouth


I especially like subliminal hypnosis, pheromone based ones, vocal trancing, and those methods that invovs a combination of spun, scent, and such.

To me I like the subject not really realizing they are being manipulated. As part of this is them coming to enjoy it, to like then love it.


I’m wondering, what part of “GAY” do you not understand? There are plenty of other sites for female & hetro based stories.

Hunter, “mycockslave” wrote that the husband has to service his wife’s lover… Which in all likelihood, is a man, which would make this quite gay.

I don’t mind if women are involved in the story, even sexually, if the focus clearly remains on gay sex.