I am looking for a story where the main character controls others, but then he himself falls under control

Hello. I’m looking for stories in which the main character controls people, but in the end he himself falls under someone else’s control. If you are familiar with such a story, please share.

It’s not exactly what you asked for: Eric, the protagonist, helps his roommate Ken gain control of others…only to be sucked into that as well. But eventually Ken suffers the same fate. And it’s one hell of a good story: Volunteers - Gay Kinky Stories


Here are a bunch. I focused exclusively on stories where, as you said, the main character is the one controlling things before losing that control to someone else. And I also focused exclusively on stories available on the site. (Also, be sure to check the tags and summary of each story, to make sure there aren’t any kinks that would otherwise be a turn-off for you!)

Speak The Truth by Monstermash62

the Bottom Bitch series by Mr.Dick (with the flip happening in Chapter 3)

the incomplete MyWorld series by CoyoteR (with the flip happening in Chapter 1)

the third chapter of Real Change Takes Time by Max Lode

the second chapter of VHS by Orion1961 (this is an old one)

the eighth chapter of Genie Wishes by You Wish! (also writes under the name of Oddballs)

There are definitely more out there, but those are a few that came quickly to mind.

Also, here are three stories that are less strict in the exact dynamic of “main character controls people”, but have the same kink-driven moment of “they start out in control of the power, but then lose control and end up at someone else’s mercy instead”.

Book Of Wishes by Spencer (this one is also rather sweet, and has a happy ending)

Jerk by Lee

Nipplesluts by absman420

Hopefully there will be a story on this list that you enjoy!

Oh, and be sure to leave ratings and comments on any story if you like it — I am sure that the authors would appreciate it a lot!


Thank you, I’m sure in such a list I will find something interesting

Once again I want to thank you for your work, I read the stories that you suggested and this is exactly what I wanted to read! I am very grateful for your help!

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Could you be referring to “supplements” on the MCstories site?