I don't understand the story rankings

How can a story be rank 3 overall and 4 for the month? When I hover my mouse on the overall number, it says “This story’s overall rank for ‘Hot’ is 3 which is within the top 14.53% of all stories!”

Maybe I’m being dumb but I don’t understand. What does the number ‘3’ on the overall column actually represent then? Is it an arbitrary number to represent percentiles? If so, how are they distributed? I’m confused.

Also, on the month/year columns, is that more literal? Is this story number 1 out of all stories posted this month? Or is that some percentile thing too?

That can’t be right, I’ve got to check that out. The overall rating can never be better than the year’s rating for obvious reasons. Thanks for pointing this out.

What story is that screenshot from?

JayBird’s most recent story. Room 624.

I noticed something similar on one of my stories, but with a low number of votes, it was still reading 5, so I assumed that it was just a question of how it sorted with other 5’s.

Bug found! The overall column is based on the unweighted scores, while all other columns are using (correctly) the weighted score.

It’s gonna be fixed in the update that’ll be uploaded later today.

Thanks again for noting and reporting that!


The fix is live!